Tommaso Ciampa continues trolling Johnny Gargano, tweets “see you soon”

Tommaso Ciampa

As Johnny Gargano tries to put his past with Tommaso Ciampa behind him and begin anew as a singles competitor in NXT, his former best friend and tag team partner continues to taunt him from afar.

Ciampa, who is currently out of action with a knee injury, has made a habit of tweeting digs at his onetime #DIY partner in recent months. Having renamed himself “BLACKHEART” on Twitter, Ciampa has cropped Gargano out of photos, chided an NXT fan for getting a tattoo of Gargano’s symbol and celebrated #NationalBestFriendsDay in a decidedly unfriendly way.

Coinciding with Johnny Wrestling’s triumphant in-ring return Wednesday night on NXT, Ciampa put out another ominous message. This time he vowed to “Take Over,” fueling speculation among the NXT Universe that Ciampa has his eyes set on NXT’s upcoming TakeOver: Brooklyn III, an event that Gargano has made clear he wants to compete on:

Ciampa doubled-down on the mockery this morning with another tweet that called attention to the one-year anniversary of his and Gargano’s memorable duel in the Cruiserweight Classic:

Though Gargano hasn’t directly acknowledged Ciampa and doesn’t appear to be letting his former friend’s mudslinging distract him, the tenor of Ciampa’s tweets certainly indicate that Johnny Wrestling hasn’t seen the last of him.

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