Mysterious NXT newcomer reveals herself as Ruby Riot

Ruby Riot explains why she joined the fight against SAnitY: Exclusive, March 24, 2017

NXT's newest Superstar, Ruby Riot, explains why she's joined forces with Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose and Roderick Strong in their battle with SAnitY.

Ruby Riot has arrived in NXT, and she’s here to bring down SAnitY.

The NXT Universe has been buzzing since the conclusion of Wednesday night’s broadcast on WWE Network with questions about the mysterious woman who evened the playing field against SAnitY. The NXT newcomer spoke with to explain why she came to the rescue of Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose and Roderick Strong.

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“SAnitY has been wreaking havoc in NXT for the last few months,” she said. “Not to stand up for what they believe in or a cause, but just because they can.”

The tattooed firebrand also gave a little insight into the background that inspired her to join the fight.

“I come from a world of punk rockers, anarchists and rebels,” she explained. “A group of people who come together in celebration of music, but sometimes to fight the good fight and stand up for something they believe in.”

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While Riot may look a little out of place standing next to The Perfect 10, Jose and Strong, she knows they’re united in standing up to Eric Young and his menacing crew. But above all, the newcomer has her sights set on SAnitY’s most unhinged competitor.

“I’m here to show Nikki Cross what crazy really looks like,” she said.

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