Niko Bogojevic floor-presses 455 pounds

Niko Bogojevic floor-presses 455 pounds

While the Cruiserweight Classic continues to attune the WWE Universe to the thrills of the 205-pound weight class, let’s not lose sight of the #ThickBrothers out there.

A popular hashtag among WWE Performance Center hosses, #ThickBrother is perhaps best embodied by Niko “Dozer” Bogojevic, a former national Greco-Roman wrestling champion who entered WWE’s talent developmental program in April. You may remember him as the dude on WWE Breaking Ground who busted out a smooth, Scotty 2 Hotty-like worm during a talent tryout.

As seen in the video above, Bogojevic is a big man who moves around big weight — in this case, four reps of a 455-pound floor press.

Heavy lifts aren’t anything new for Bogojevic, of course. Check out this 600-pound sumo deadlift — overhand grip, no straps — posted on his Instagram account from a couple years ago:



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NXT Superstars beware once this bulldozing #ThickBrother steps inside the yellow ropes.

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