Team or no team? Blake & Murphy set the record straight

Team or no team? Blake & Murphy set the record straight

NXT Tag Team Champions, travel partners and best friends are just a few titles that Blake & Murphy have earned over the last couple of years in NXT. But these days, it seems the term “dysfunctional tandem” might be more appropriate.

Blake & Murphy attempted to get back on the same page this week on NXT, only to have those plans gored (literally) thanks to the return of Rhyno. Afterward, caught up with both Superstars, who did their best to shed light on the current state of their tag team alliance.

“The state of our partnership is frustration,” Blake told Yet, after his suggestion for he and Murphy to give it another go this week backfired, it seems that Blake still sees hope for the troubled team. 

“I would never turn my back on my brother, Murphy,” he continued. “We are just going through a rocky time right now, which is frustrating because we know how great we are as a team.” 

On the flip side, Murphy expressed a rather significant opposing view.

“Our status is unknown at this time!” a heated Murphy yelled. “I'm here in NXT for greatness! And last year, Blake & Murphy were greatness. But as of late, things haven't been there. Blake’s accidents keep costing us wins. If I can’t win with him, I’ll win by myself, and that NXT Title would be nice around my waist!”

Conflicting viewpoints aside, let’s take a look at the history between these two men. This time last year, Blake and Murphy had a firm grasp on the NXT Tag Team Championship. One might say losing those titles led to the team’s rollercoaster status. But, perhaps, one must also look toward their former partner in crime, Alexa Bliss. After all, Bliss has openly claimed responsibility for the team’s past success, only to decide recently that she would much rather focus on her own NXT aspirations. Was Alexa the glue that kept the team together?

“All I have to say is she is a manipulative little Bliss!” Murphy shouted. “She came to us while we were the champions, then once she comes in, we lose the titles! Somebody say gold digger?”

Nodding his head in agreement, Blake placed his own two cents in the Alexa Bliss jar of disdain.

“By leaving us, Alexa showed her true character,” Blake said. “She got with us when we were tag champions and left when we hit a rough patch. She was all about herself and used us to help elevate her career. She treated us like we were background guys.”

Based on those perspectives, it seems there may still be some common ground between Blake & Murphy. As for the future, both shared their desires.

“I believe we still have a lot of potential left,” Blake insisted. “Whether Murphy wants to explore that with me is up to him. I don’t think we’ve reached our peak yet.”

Murphy’s response? “I’m the serious one of the group, I’m the glue! I’m the quarterback! He needs to get his head on straight, or this train is leaving. Choo choo!”

Well, so much for common ground …

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