WWE NXT: Brawling to No. 1

WWE NXT: Brawling to No. 1

WWE crowned its newest Superstar this week when Wade Barrett won the inaugural season of WWE NXT. The former NXT Rookie has earned a future pay-per-view match against the champion of his choice. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

From bareknuckle brawler to WWE's next breakout Superstar, the confident Brit closed out the finale with an impressive eight wins on WWE NXT -- more than any other season one NXT Rookie. Barrett never waivered under pressure, even when the competition narrowed down to himself and the NXT Rookie with the most "it" factor, David "A-List" Otunga. Barrett spoke to WWE.com after his monumental victory.

"Well I think that Otunga's pretty miserable in the ring. He's the one that certainly can learn, but he's not got the fighting experience that I've had. I've been fighting for years," Barrett said. "I've got a background that he hasn't and it shows when he steps in the ring."

The WWE Universe is abuzz about which champion Barrett will choose to fight at an upcoming pay-per-view. It's a decision the new Superstar doesn't take lightly. It's something he won't rush into.

"I see myself as a very intelligent guy, I like to think through everything that I do I leave nothing to chance," he explained. "I'm going to have a chat with my WWE Pro, Chris Jericho, and we'll make a decision from there."

And if anyone in the WWE Universe is pondering the significance of the white rose Barrett wore on the lapel of his overcoat Tuesday night, the winner offered an explanation.

"The white rose is a sign of class. It's also a sign of England of where I'm from. I'm a proud Englishman and I wanted to represent that."

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