Keith Lee def. Luke Menzies

As a former pro rugby player, new NXT signee Luke Menzies of Leeds, England, has experienced his fair share of scrums and scuffles. Yet, none of the bone-rattling blows that Menzies gave and received on the pitch could prepare the muscular rookie for what it’s like to be in the ring with “Limitless” Keith Lee.

The 320-pound Lee opened the contest by confounding Menzies with a high-flying hurricanrana. Though Menzies tried to fight his way back into the match with uppercuts and clubbing blows, he was no match for the more experienced Lee. The Limitless Superstar sent Menzies flying with a pounce, crushed him with an avalanche and demolished him with the Spirit Bomb for the pin.

After two astounding outings on WWE NXT, the question must be asked: Who will be the first Superstar to give Keith Lee a legitimate challenge between the yellow ropes?

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