The Street Profits def. The Ealy Brothers

Identical twin brothers Gabriel & Uriel Ealy looked to become the first team to knock off The Street Profits, but unfortunately for them, they could not match the swagger — or, more importantly, the teamwork — of Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford.

Uriel Ealy brashly ripped off Angelo Dawkins’ headband, and Dawkins slugged him in the face for it. Once Ford tagged in, it set off a fury of double-team moves, and in the whirlwind of activity, the Ealys illegally switched places, with Gabriel pretending to be the legal man.

Ford survived Gabriel’s bludgeoning blows and tagged Dawkins back into action. The burly former collegiate wrestler cleared house, paving the way for him and Ford to connect with their devastating spinebuster/frog splash combination for the win. Afterward, The Street Profits jumped the barricade and stirred it up in a post-match celebration with NXT fans.

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