NXT Champion Samoa Joe def. Eric Young (Non-Title Match)

Eric Young vs. Samoa Joe: WWE NXT, May 4, 2016

Eric Young makes his NXT in-ring debut, taking on NXT Champion Samoa Joe in this week's main event. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

After his shocking arrival, Eric Young was granted a non-title showdown with Samoa Joe in this week’s main event. Young went after the NXT Champion with no fear, trading blows with the 282-pound bruiser. EY stayed on the attack, ramming Joe into the turnbuckles and wearing Joe down. The submission specialist brought Young’s time on offense to an abrupt end, hurling his rival over the ropes and following him to the arena floor with a diving forearm through the ropes.

Young tried to fight back, but Joe cut him off in vicious fashion before he could get going, crushing EY under his powerful frame. The NXT newcomer threw everything he had at Samoa Joe, but the NXT Champion had an answer for it all. Nevertheless, Young refused to stay down. The former heavyweight champion got his second wind, taking Joe to the mat with a suplex and connecting with an elbow drop from the top rope, but could only manage a two-count. Young’s resilience only infuriated Samoa Joe, who hit the Muscle Buster and made Young tap out with the Coquina Clutch. Joe’s emphatic victory was his way of sending a message to the entire NXT roster. Will anyone be able to answer the call and knock Samoa Joe off his pedestal?


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