WWE NXT results: May 1, 2014

WWE NXT results: May 1, 2014

ORLANDO, Fla. — With NXT Takeover on WWE Network just a few weeks away, the action is heating up. On this week’s show, NXT Champion Adrian Neville tried to get retribution against Brodus Clay, who knocked out several of his teeth last week, in a No Disqualification Match. Also, the first round of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament kicked off, as Bayley battled Sasha Banks and Natalya took on Layla!

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Tyson Kidd def. Bo Dallas
Last week, Tyson Kidd declared that he was beginning his rebirth in NXT. The Hart Dungeon graduate continued his renaissance this week, taking on former NXT Champion Bo Dallas. The leader of the Bo-Lievers tried to keep Kidd grounded, but only angered the former WWE Tag Team Champion, getting caught with an elbow, a kick and a flurry of blows in the corner. Though Dallas eventually slammed Kidd into the ring apron, it was not enough to keep the Canadian down. Kidd battled back and hit Dallas with a Blockbuster off the ropes to earn a big victory and continue his resurgence!

WWE NXT results: May 1, 2014
Sasha Banks def. Bayley (NXT Women’s Championship Tournament First Round Match)
The tournament to crown a new NXT Women’s Champion kicked off as the happy-go-lucky Bayley took on longtime rival Sasha Banks of The BFFs. “The Boss” pounced on Bayley from the bell, trapping her in the corner and pummeling her. The eager Diva hugged her way back into control of the bout and connected with the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex, but Banks rolled out of the ring before she could make the cover. “The Boss” thought she had the bout won with Bankrupt, but her resilient foe kicked out. Bayley tried to hit another Bayley-to-Belly, but Banks slipped out and hit a Backstabber, followed by a crossface that left Bayley with no choice but to tap out.

Adam Rose def. Danny Burch
Just days away from his debut on Monday Night Raw, The Exotic Express made another stop at NXT as Adam Rose faced Danny Burch. Though the Brit tried to put a stop to the party with a few well-placed punches, Rose refused to relent. The party animal answered with a flurry of jabs and chops capped off with a big elbow in the corner. Rose made sure he’ll be heading to the main roster on a good note, picking up the win with his new finisher, The Party Foul. However, Camacho put a temporary end to the megastar’s fun by attacking one of his Rosebuds at ringside.

Natalya def. Layla (NXT Women’s Championship Tournament First Round Match)
Two former Divas Champions fought to add another title to their resume, as Natalya and Layla met in the first round of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament. Fandango’s dance partner showed off her moves early in the bout, dancing after taking Natalya down. The third-generation Diva used her impeccable wrestling skills to escape Layla’s clutches, powering out with a big clothesline. Layla tried to jump over Natalya and get out of the ring, but ended up in the Sharpshooter. Natalya earned the submission victory and will face Sasha Banks in the Semi-Finals.

WWE NXT results: May 1, 2014
Mojo Rawley def. Oliver Grey
The extra-hyped Mojo Rawley was in action this week, facing Oliver Grey. The Brit did his best to keep Rawley contained, but there’s seemingly no slowing down the dynamic Superstar. Grey temporarily stunned Mojo with a few knees to the head, but Rawley quickly built up a head of steam and connected with Hyperdrive to get the three-count. Mojo’s celebration was cut short, however, as Aiden English attacked him from behind. Rawley recovered and ensured that there was no encore, sending “The Artiste” crashing to the arena floor with a huge clothesline.

Adrian Neville def. Brodus Clay (No Disqualification NXT Championship Match)
The odds favored the monstrous Brodus Clay in the No Disqualification NXT Championship Match, where anything was within the rules. Adrian Neville, however, showed no fear, walking straight up to Clay and decking him in the mouth before sending him tumbling to the floor before the match even began. Neville wore Clay down with a series of devastating kicks. The NXT Champion stayed on top of Clay, but his high-risk style backfired as Brodus countered an aerial attack.

Clay stunned Neville with a suplex out of the corner and kept The Man That Gravity Forgot grounded. He crushed Neville with a splash off the ropes, making it look as though the Brit would not be leaving with the NXT Championship. Neville surprisingly kicked out, leaving Brodus desperate. Clay grabbed the NXT Championship and tried to hit the champion with it. Neville instead kicked the title into Brodus’ face, leaving the monster in perfect position for the Red Arrow. Adrian Neville’s successful title defense made it clear that it will be no easy task to take the NXT Championship from him.

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