CJ Parker: 'I want to change the world!'

CJ Parker: 'I want to change the world!'

On Tuesday, the world celebrated Earth Day. It should come as no surprise that “The Moonchild,” CJ Parker, jumped at the opportunity to do his part by spending the day picking up trash along a three-mile stretch of St. Petersburg Beach, Fla. Quite frankly, the only thing surprising about Parker’s actions were the aggressive words of disdain he expressed while doing so.

“I don’t get why we have to universally advertise one day for the human population to protect the Earth.  What about the other 364 days of the year?”  CJ Parker told WWE.com.  “Does it make people feel better just because they planted a tree one day of the year? Does it make them feel like they are a good person all of a sudden? In my eyes, a good person works to save this planet every day.” 

While Parker’s words may exhibit exaggerated passion to some, they also provide insight to the man that he has become.

“This has been far from an overnight change in feelings,” Parker revealed. “I tried my hardest to spread my message through jokes and laughter, but I was ostracized from the get-go. Deep down, I still love the NXT Universe. It's hard sometimes, but I do. I feel the only way they listen is when I'm forced to preach and scold them.” 

It seems that Parker’s preaching has had the opposite effect. Previously shunned by the NXT Universe for his fun-loving ways, it seems that fans have only increased their displeasure with Parker’s tree-hugging antics.

“I'm embarrassed for them. It saddens me to know how low their intelligence is,” he said. “If they can't look at me and know I am a global role model and live by a standard that they should try their darnedest to live up to, then I say this with a lump in my throat: There may be no hope for the human race."

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Has Parker become more concerned about saving the Earth than advancing his own in-ring career aspirations? As evidenced by his recent loss to The Great Khali on NXT, Parker seems to be fighting an uphill battle that could cause him more harm than good. One could easily rack up “The Moonchild’s” attempts to change the world as a failed experiment, but the dreadlocked Superstar insists his desire to fix the Earth motivates him to compete and become NXT’s top star.

“The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. If you scale that to 46 years, we've been here 4 hours and our Industrial Revolution began just 1 minute ago,” he explained. “In that time, we've destroyed more than 50 percent of the world's forests. If you don't think something needs to be done, then you are out of your mind. I’m going to use my success here on NXT as a platform to do something about it.”

If Parker can translate his in-ring success to a larger platform to spread his message of eco-friendliness, will the NXT Universe follow suit? How would the entire landscape of NXT change if Parker reigned supreme as its champion? Most of all, could “The Moonchild” hold the key to change in the palm of his hand? 

“Plenty of positive people throughout history have been alienated, but in the end we realized they were right,” Parker said. “Things will be better once we use renewable energy to power the world, our animals live free and our food is natural and organic.” 

If his words fall on deaf ears, the NXT Superstar warns of cataclysmic repercussions. “If we keep treating our planet like crap, there will be no Earth and if there’s no Earth there is no entertainment,” Parker warned.

“If there’s no entertainment, there is no NXT. It’s time for people to start seeing the big picture and it’s my job to start showing them what it is.”

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