WWE NXT results: April 3, 2014

WWE NXT results: April 3, 2014

Emma def. Sasha Banks

ORLANDO, Fla. —On an action-packed episode of WWE NXT, Sami Zayn went head-to-head with Corey Graves in a main event showdown of retribution, Emma took on “The Boss” of The BFFs, The Ascension continued to dominate the NXT tag team opposition, Yoshi Tatsu looked to rearrange the gorgeous face of Tyler Breeze and the monstrous Brodus Clay set his sights on Xavier Woods and ultimately the NXT Title.

Emma vs. Sasha Banks: WWE NXT, April 3, 2014

Emma squares off with "The Boss" Sasha Banks on WWE NXT.

After falling to Charlotte with the help of the meddling Sasha Banks last month, Emma knew she’d have her hands full with the second-generation Diva when she took on “The Boss” herself. Though the vexed vixens did indeed try to play the numbers game to their advantage, the quick thinking of Emma allowed for a BFFs collision that sent Charlotte sailing off the apron and opened the door for the Emma Lock – leaving Banks no choice but to tap out.

After the bout, Charlotte attempted to attack the dancing Diva, but Emma scurried from the ring before any harm came her way.

The Ascension def. local athletes
Konnor & Viktor have proven themselves to be the most dominating force in NXT since capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships last October – holding them for a record 183 days.

It was no different on this week’s edition of NXT, as The Ascension picked apart a pair of local athletes with brutal precision before the pair hit the Fall of Man – adding another triumph to their already impressive record.

Brodus Clay def. Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods vs. Brodus Clay: WWE NXT, April 3, 2014

Xavier Woods steps inside the ring with the much larger Brodus Clay.

Though Xavier Woods loves to have a good time, there was no time for fun and games when he clashed against a determined Brodus Clay on NXT.

Woods tried his best to evade his monstrous foe, using his speed to duck and dive out of Clay’s path. But eventually, Brodus caught Woods in his clutches, crushing his unfortunate foe with a Splash off the second rope.

After the bout, Clay grabbed the microphone, stating that he’d had everything taken from him and that now he'll be doing the taking – starting with Adrian Neville’s NXT Championship.

Tyler Breeze def. Yoshi Tatsu
Tyler Breeze took on the hard-hitting Yoshi Tatsu, who was looking to get back on the winning side of things after losing to Corey Graves one week ago.

Despite Tatsu’s best efforts, the devious Breeze adapted a new level of brutality to achieve the win after clocking Yoshi with the Beauty Shot.

Corey Graves def. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves: WWE NXT, April 3, 2014

Sami Zayn and Corey Graves collide in the main event of WWE NXT.

Sami Zayn is never one to back down from a challenge. He was eager to take on Corey Graves after his adversary had previously sent him headfirst into the ring post. But Zayn’s willingness to fight became his undoing.

Medically cleared to compete this week, the French-Canadian battled valiantly. However, when “The Savior of Misbehavior” hit him with a knee to the head, things slowly began to unravel. Soon – despite the fact that he continued to fight on increasingly wobbling legs – it was clear that Zayn was operating on nothing more than the sheer instinct to stay in the battle.

Then, when Graves trapped his opponent in his trademark Lucky 13 submission and his dazed and confused opponent barely responded, the referee had no choice but to end the contest and declare Corey Graves the winner.

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