Mega-star alert! Adam Rose takes center stage

Mega-star alert! Adam Rose takes center stage

“This is going to be epic. This is going to be of Jurassic proportions.”

Those were the words spoken by Adam Rose when interviewed by NXT’s Devin Taylor regarding his upcoming NXT appearance. The result?  A debut only fit to be titled “The Rose Experience.” The self-proclaimed mega-star proved that where Adam Rose goes, the party follows … literally! Flanked by the deafening flamboyance of his entourage, Rose’s eccentric appearance set the tone for a first impression with a lasting impact.

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“I want to share The Rose Experience with the entire NXT Universe,” Rose told following his successful debut. “The Rose Experience is about making people laugh, smile and being happy again. I want to share with my ‘Rose Petals’ a new epic way of living.” 

Rose, who call Musha Cay Island, Bahamas, his birth home, certainly brings a different vibe to the table. From his unique speaking pattern to his  twirling gyrations, Rose is anything but the boy next door. Based on the response from the NXT Universe at Full Sail University, it would seem that Rose’s brand of entertainment has struck a chord with more observers than we can imagine. 

“I wish everyone could visit Musha Cay. Every morning, I’d walk straight out of my bedroom onto the beach and feel the sand in between my toes. That makes me happy,” Rose recounted. “I bring that same feeling to NXT. WWE has never seen or experienced anything like me or how I live. I was born exotic, born epic and born to be a mega-star.”

While many Superstars of yesteryear were known more for their bark than their bite, it seems Rose has a firm grasp on both. After all, a man who can go from his favorite pastimes of volleyball and croquet to entertaining the NXT Universe while emphatically defeating his opponent certainly shows the versatility to swim in the rough waters of NXT. 

“The world is what we make of it. I choose for my world to be happy, interesting and exciting.  I love people, and I love hanging around with people who are different and compelling.  I like people who aren’t afraid to be themselves” Rose said.

While it’s certainly too early to predict the career trajectory of NXT’s newest star, we can assume Rose will keep things interesting every step of the way. If you don’t believe us, just ask him.

“Expect everything you know to change,” he said. “Expect to be taken on a ride into a whole new world. Welcome to The Rose Experience.”

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