Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville: NXT makes history at ArRIVAL

Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville: NXT makes history at ArRIVAL

On the heels of the debut of WWE Network, WWE NXT will take center stage with its first live, two-hour special, NXT ArRIVAL, tonight! The main event has garnered the most acclaim and anticipation, as Bo Dallas will defend the NXT Championship against No. 1 contender Adrian Neville. Adding to the prestige of the championship bout, for the first time in NXT history, the NXT Title will be defended in a Ladder Match, live tonight at 8 ET/5 PT on WWE Network.

"The Ladder Match doesn't need any hype. It's the biggest match in the history of NXT, period," former WWE Tag Team Champion and NXT trainer Joey Mercury told

The story of Dallas and Neville has been a tumultuous one. While Neville has received opportunities at Dallas' title in the past, the NXT Champion always seemed to escape under dubious circumstances. Recognizing this, WWE COO Triple H announced a rematch with an added stipulation – NXT's first Ladder Match. 

"You're probably thinking I'm nervous, but I'm not nervous," high-flying Neville told "I spent nine years competing under pressure in Japan, Europe, Africa and here in the states so I'm used to pressure.

“This is the most important night of my career, and on Thursday night, I'm going to treat it as such.  I'm counting down the hours and the minutes because I know in my heart I can beat Bo,” Neville said. “If nothing else, I need to prove to myself that I can beat him and win the NXT Championship."

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NXT trainer Mercury, who competed in multiple Ladder Matches as a WWE Superstar, has spent considerable time with both Dallas and Neville at the WWE Performance Center and can attest to their incredible talent.

"Bo Dallas is in the greatest shape of his life. He's leaned out over the past few months and he's more focused than ever. You don't become the longest-reigning champion in NXT history by accident," Mercury said. 

When it comes to Dallas’ challenger, Mercury stressed the pressure the No. 1 contender will face on the biggest stage of his career. 

"Adrian Neville is well aware that all eyes are on him and knows if he doesn't make good on this opportunity, he may never get a chance at the NXT Championship again,” Mercury said.

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While both competitors have prepared arduously for the contest, Mercury stressed the life-altering dangers of competing in the specialized match. 

"You're not going to walk away unscathed or unscarred. You have to expect pain in this match, there's no way around it,” Mercury said. “From a strategy standpoint, you can't get distracted by your opponent because you're not looking to pin him or force him to submit; your one objective is to climb that ladder and capture the title."

Who will climb the ladder and take a firm step into NXT history? According to the always confident Dallas, he has no doubt who will stand tall at the conclusion of NXT ArRIVAL.

"The NXT Championship is everything to me,” Dallas said. “I am your champion and I will forever be your champion. Adrian Neville and the rest of the NXT Universe can Bo-Lieve that."

Watch WWE NXT ArRIVAL tonight at 8 ET/5 PT on WWE Network.  Get WWE Network now! Tune in to the  NXT ArRIVAL Pre-Show tonight at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT on WWE Network. Follow Bo Dallas on Twitter @TheBoDallas, Adrian Neville on Twitter  @WWENeville and Joey Mercury on Twitter @WWEMercury, plus get more NXT coverage on the official NXT Facebook page.

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