Summer Rae, Sasha Banks & Charlotte: BFFs wronged by the system?

Summer Rae, Sasha Banks & Charlotte: BFFs wronged by the system?

When Summer Rae first approached Sasha Banks about forming a partnership on WWE NXT, observers quickly assumed that she was simply using her influence to brainwash the young NXT Diva. Christening themselves The BFFs (Beautiful Fierce Females), Summer and Sasha have now added a third piece to their cunning connection: Charlotte.

“Charlotte fits what Sasha and I are trying to accomplish,” Summer told “She deserves to be the face of NXT, just as much as we do.”

Even though Fandango’s leggy dance partner has already earned the television “face time” and exposure that many Superstars and Divas can only dream of, Banks has been widely praised as the future of the Divas division during her NXT career. And now there’s Charlotte, one of NXT’s most athletic Divas and daughter to one of the greatest sports-entertainers of all-time, Ric Flair.

With so much positive momentum surrounding their individual careers, many in the NXT Universe are asking: Why the need to form this power pack of femininity?

Summer Rae, Sasha Banks & Charlotte: BFFs wronged by the system?

“NXT needs girls like Summer, Sasha and myself because we have all overcome obstacles in and out of the ring,” Charlotte expressed.  “I have been respectful to others my whole life, even when I didn't need to be. I know how gifted I am athletically, and everyone knows who my father is, but I never rubbed it in anyone’s face. Yet countless people choose not to show me the same respect, so I’m done. I will no longer be looked at as someone who was given everything because of her last name. I’m proud to be a Flair, but I’m also proud to be genetically superior to the other Divas.”

A similar attitude is shared by Charlotte’s cohort, Banks. Before falling short of defeating NXT Women’s Champion Paige, the talented NXT Diva was a model citizen who worked hard and refrained from the controversial pitfalls that have plagued others. However, in her words, the efforts were lost on NXT officials.

“I just learned that being a goody-two-shoes will only get you so far in life,” Sasha bluntly stated. “When I was growing up, I was home-schooled until seventh grade, and I had to take care of my little brother. I had to act like an adult when most kids in grade school were only concerned about which toys their parents were going to buy them. But what happens? I get teased for acting too much like a grown-up.”

According to Banks, such judgment continued to be passed her way as she tried to climb up the NXT ladder. “Do you know what it’s like to be forgotten? To know that you're a star, yet the spotlight isn't on you? I was never the first choice for NXT autograph sessions, promotional flyers or even title opportunities. Just because my name isn’t Emma or Paige doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be given any attention.”

Summer Rae, Sasha Banks & Charlotte: BFFs wronged by the system?

When it comes to attention, Summer Rae has certainly taken the cake. Once an NXT ring announcer, the bombshell broadcast  herself loud and clear with an attack on an unsuspecting Paige. Summer soon translated her NXT success to the WWE main roster as the dance partner for Fandango. More recently, the “First Lady of NXT” has laced up her boots in order to compete against WWE Divas. For one who has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, what is her motivation to rage against the machine of NXT?

“I’m tired of people assuming I can’t do something,” Summer explained. “Everyone thought I was just a ring announcer, and I proved them wrong when I knocked out Paige. Everyone thought I was just another one of Fandango’s dancers until I proved myself as an asset. And now, the WWE Divas are also finding out in the ring that I don’t play. Sasha, Charlotte and I are going to show the world that we can do whatever we want to do, regardless of someone’s perception of us.”

Summer, Sasha and Charlotte all believe they have been wronged by the system in some way, shape or form. Whether or not you agree with their views, the NXT landscape must now brace for three highly motivated women who feel entitled to the riches of sports-entertainment – and no longer seek the approval of others.

“The BFFs aren't just “Beautiful Fierce Females,” Sasha proclaimed. “We are The Boss, The First Lady and The Flair of NXT. And as long as we are happy with who we are, that’s all that matters.”

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