The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

If you haven’t been watching WWE Main Event on WWE Network on Tuesday nights then you’ve been missing out on a constant display of mat gems, wild brawls and stirring feats of athleticism starring the very top competitors in WWE. If you have been watching, well, then you already knew that. Either way, you’ll want to read this list reviewed every WWE Main Event match since its October 2012 launch and selected the 10 very best matchups from Tuesday night’s most entertaining show. And we’re not talking about "Grey’s Anatomy."

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Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt: April 29, 2014

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

WWE fans knew to expect a battle when Sheamus and Bray Wyatt clashed on the April 29, 2014, episode of WWE Main Event. What they got was a war.

WWE’s first-ever Irish-born Champion was relentless against the false prophet, but Wyatt’s resilience and particular brand of brutality was on full display in a contest that saw neither competitor maintain an advantage for very long. Every time Sheamus took control of the contest, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan would come to the aid of their leader. Ultimately, Rowan proved to be the variable in the contest as he distracted Sheamus, allowing Wyatt to execute Sister Abigail and pin the mighty Irishman. — KEVIN POWERS

Watch Sheamus and Bray mix it up


Naomi vs. AJ Lee: WWE Main Event, Aug. 21, 2013

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

 Anyone fool enough to dismiss WWE’s Divas should watch the Aug. 21, 2013, bout between the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, AJ Lee, and the division’s most gifted athlete, Naomi. Rather than sashaying their way around the ring, AJ and Naomi brought the fight to one another with complex submission holds from the New Jersey native and high-octane aerial offense by the Funkadactyl. In the end, a ringside confrontation between Cameron and Layla allowed AJ to lock in The Black Widow for the win. — @JOEYSTYLES


Randy Orton vs. Cesaro: May 8, 2013

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

Like him or not, Cesaro is competing on a level that most Superstars in the locker room can't match. Just ask Randy Orton. In a bout that saw The Apex Predator constantly looking like the prey of the younger and stronger Swiss Superman, Cesaro put on an old school wrestling clinic against a competitor who has worn more gold than Mr. T.

In the closing moments of the match, a European uppercut from Cesaro nearly sent Orton flying out of the campus of North Caroline State University. However, it was the veteran Viper that schooled The King of Swing by playing possum and hitting an RKO out of nowhere to get the victory. Cesaro would avenge the defeat on SmackDown, proving a lesson had been learned. — @JOEYSTYLES

Watch Cesaro and Orton bring their best


Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes: June 26, 2013

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

This bout featured one of WWE’s young upstarts going up against a living legend, as Cody Rhodes clashed with Chris Jericho. Rhodes quickly found out he was going to have a tough go of things, as Jericho sent him tumbling to the arena floor with a clothesline over the ropes.

Y2J used his veteran know-how to assert his dominance over the younger Rhodes, until Cody caught him off guard with a thumb to the eye. Rhodes immediately pounced on Jericho and tried to end the bout early.

Though his vision was impaired, Jericho survived Rhodes’ onslaught, even avoiding an attempted Cross Rhodes. After Cody kicked out of The Codebreaker, Y2J fought on and eventually trapped Rhodes in The Walls of Jericho in the center of the ring. With nowhere to go, Rhodes had no choice but to tap out and cede the win to Jericho. — BOBBY MELOK

Watch Cody face Y2J in a fantastic match


The Usos & Mark Henry vs. The Shield: Aug. 7, 2013

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

The Shield’s Six-Man Tag Team Match exploits against groups like The Wyatt Family and Evolution have been some of the highlights of WWE television for the past two years. This trios contest from the dog days of last summer was no different as The Hounds of Justice took the WWE Universe — and The Usos & Mark Henry — on a hell of a ride.

Seth Rollins was overpowered in the early goings of the match, but The Shield took control of the bout thanks to Dean Ambrose’s nefarious tactics. There were no deeds dirty enough to derail The World’s Strongest Man, though. Henry entered the melee and asserted his dominance, tossing powerhouse Roman Reigns to the floor and joining forces with The Usos for a triple team attack that sent The Shield scrambling and brought the crowd to its feet.

With the WWE Universe willing them on, it seemed as though Henry & The Usos were going to emerge victorious, but The Hounds of Justice were able to take advantage of a distracted referee to double team Jimmy Uso and sneak out with the win. — BOBBY MELOK

Watch The Usos and Henry collide with The Shield


John Cena vs. Damien Sandow: Nov. 28, 2012

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

Give John Cena credit. Whether he’s defending a World Championship on pay-per-view, or battling a rookie with no title on the line, Cena leaves it all in the ring. And this bout was no different.

Taking the multi-time champion to the limit in a thrilling contest, Damien Sandow wore down the veteran with a series of punishing strikes. WWE fans who scoffed at Sandow’s chances before the bell were quickly led to wonder if the brainy brawler could eke out an upset. Even when Cena made a comeback, Sandow managed to slide out of an AA attempt and snatch control with a knee to the jaw.

Still, despite the impressive effort, there was no victory for the smug Superstar on this night. Cena locked in the STF, catching the arrogant Sandow completely off-guard and forcing him to tap out instantly. — ZACH LINDER

Watch Sandow take Cena to the limit


Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro – United States Championship Match: May 1, 2013

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

Cesaro’s reign as United States Champion lasted for 239 days. However, the impressive run ended on the April 15, 2013, episode of Raw when Kofi Kingston defeated The Swiss Superman for the title. Two weeks later on WWE Main Event, Cesaro had his rematch. At the time, Cesaro would use his ring entrance to show off his yodeling ability, but on this evening in Detroit, he was all business. Knowing that Kingston was a formidable adversary, the powerhouse aimed to use his pure strength to overwhelm the high-flying U.S. Champion.

The bout was non-stop, all-out action with momentum shifting like mercury on a tabletop. In the end, the decision came down to Kofi’s quick thinking and agility., After countering The Neutralizer and ducking a follow-up from Cesaro, Kofi just barely managed to connect with Trouble in Paradise to secure the win. — KEVIN POWERS

Watch Kofi defend the U.S. Title against Cesaro


Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler: Feb. 13, 2013

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio have clashed numerous times throughout their careers and took part in a lengthy rivalry in 2013. Of all their encounters that year, their bout on the Feb. 13 episode of WWE Main Event stands apart as not only one of their finest battles, but as one of WWE Main Event’s best matches.

At the time, The Showoff was Mr. Money in the Bank and Alberto Del Rio was the World Heavyweight Champion. This bout wasn’t for the title, but Ziggler wanted to use the opportunity to prove that he could go toe-to-toe with the champion.

Pushing Del Rio to his limits, Ziggler made it clear that he could, in fact, hang with the titleholder. But Ziggler was unable to prove that he could beat the champion that night as Del Rio countered the Zig Zag and locked in the Cross Armbreaker,  forcing Dolph to submit. — KEVIN POWERS

Watch Dolph and Del Rio give it their all in a classic


Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett: WWE Main Event, May 29, 2013

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

An excellent match isn’t always about the exchange of holds and counterholds. Sometimes, two tough dudes whaling away on each other is better than any technical masteriece. That was certainly the case when Sheamus and Bad News Barrett locked horns in spring 2013.

There were no lockups or arm wringers after the bell rang. Sheamus sent Barrett crashing to the mat with a thunderous shoulderblock before the Brit backed him into the corner with a series of punches, setting the tone for the all-out brawl. Barrett seized control by recklessly hurling Sheamus shoulder first into the steel ring steps. The bare-knuckle brawler weakened Sheamus by clobbering him with forearms in the corner.

Things looked bleak for The Celtic Warrior when Barrett knocked him silly with a big boot, but Sheamus refused to give in. After evading Barrett’s Bull Hammer Elbow, Sheamus got his second wind and fought back, clocking Barrett with the Brogue Kick to claim victory in a hard-fought brawl. — BOBBY MELOK

Watch Sheamus get some Bad News in a physical brawl


The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler: Nov. 21, 2012

The 10 best matches on WWE Main Event

Dolph Ziggler has never had a bad match. And this encounter with The Miz was no exception. The then-Mr. Money in the Bank and the WrestleMania XXVII main eventer attacked one another with the ferocity of the Cleveland Browns’ Dawg Pound mauling Art Modell.

The match saw The Showoff counter the Skull Crushing Finale and Miz immediately countering the Zig Zag. In the end, Miz missed Dolph in the corner and charged into an unpadded turnbuckle, leading to Ziggler barely escaping with a win over his fellow Clevelander. — @JOEYSTYLES

Watch Ziggler and The Miz in this overlooked gem

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