Complete WWE Bragging Rights 2010 results

Complete WWE Bragging Rights 2010 results

WWE Bragging Rights 2010 results:

World Heavyweight Champion Kane def. The Undertaker in a Buried Alive Match
In the days leading up to WWE Bragging Rights, World Heavyweight Champion Kane's father Paul Bearer vowed that The Undertaker would be "drowned in a hell of dirt and darkness" in the Buried Alive Match. Tonight, the morbid manager's ominous words came true as "The Devil's Favorite Demon" defeated his brother in a brutal, emotional contest by sadistically entombing The Deadman with the help of The Nexus under tons of black soil in a six-foot deep abyss. (FULL STORY)

Wade Barrett (with John Cena) def. WWE Champion Randy Orton by Disqualification
Wade Barrett had taken out the ultimate insurance policy -- or so he thought. During his WWE Title Match against champion Randy Orton, the leader of The Nexus ordered John Cena to remain in his corner. Although Barrett felt confident that he had covered his bases, his reluctant disciple managed to essentially outsmart him and deny the Englishman's claim, allowing Orton to retain. (FULL STORY)

Team SmackDown def. Team Raw in a 7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match
After an emotion-charged 7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match, Team SmackDown defeated Team Raw to take home the WWE Bragging Rights trophy for the second year in a row. (FULL STORY)

U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a Non-Title Match
United States Champion Daniel Bryan has plenty to brag about after making Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler tap out to his patented LeBell Lock, picking up the win in the opening contest of WWE Bragging Rights. Not only was Bryan victorious in this non-title champion vs. champion match, but the U.S. Champion also earned Raw its first victory over SmackDown at this year's event. (FULL STORY)

John Cena & David Otunga def. WWE Tag Team Champions "Dashing" Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre
At WWE Bragging Rights, on the strength of the STF heard ‘round the world, the unlikely combination of John Cena and David Otunga reigned supreme over Drew McIntyre & "Dashing" Cody Rhodes in an impromptu title match, delivering the glorious WWE Tag Team Championship into the hands of The Nexus. (FULL STORY)

Self-professed "Co-Divas Champion" Layla def. Natalya
Thanks to a little help from her "BFF" Michelle McCool, Layla successfully defended the Divas Championship in her bout with Natalya at WWE Bragging Rights, ensuring that the butterfly-emblazoned title will remain in the possession of the self-professed "Co-Divas Champions," Lay-Cool, for the foreseeable future. (FULL STORY)

Ted DiBiase def. Goldust
With Maryse in his corner, a determined Ted DiBiase battled Goldust at WWE Bragging Rights, eager to reclaim the Million Dollar Title The Bizarre One took from him. DiBiase succeeded in earning a victory over his rival, but it was Goldust who walked away from the Target Center with the glittering prize. (FULL STORY)

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