WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

The WWE Universe is excitedly awaiting the inaugural WWE Battleground, to take place this Sunday, Oct. 6, at First Niagara Center in Buffalo, N.Y.

How to watch WWE Battleground |  Kickoff starts at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT

With four big championship contests and no shortage of grudge matches, the pay-per-view lineup has gigantic implications for the landscape of WWE going forward. But who will win and who will lose? Check out the WWE.com panel’s predictions for WWE Battleground 2013, and add your predictions in the comments section below.

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

The WWE Universe is excitedly awaiting the inaugural WWE Battleground pay-per-view event, to take place this Sunday, Oct. 6, at First Niagara Center in Buffalo, N.Y.

How to watch WWE Battleground |  Kickoff starts at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT

With four big championship contests and no shortage of grudge matches, the pay-per-view lineup has gigantic implications for the landscape of WWE going forward. But who will win and who will lose? Check out the WWE.com panel’s predictions for WWE Battleground 2013, and add your predictions in the comments section below.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Damien Sandow (Kickoff Match)

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

Michael Burdick: An enlightened Superstar like Damien Sandow will surely study Dolph Ziggler extensively heading to Sunday’s matchup, certainly devising the perfect strategy to topple the two-time World Heavyweight Champion. However, all the studying in the world won’t allow him to pass The Showoff test. Ziggler takes the “Uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion” on a Zig Zag ride through loser’s lane at the Kickoff. WINNER: Ziggler

Alex Giannini: Although both Dolph Ziggler and Damien Sandow are due for a victory, I’m thinking it’ll be Ziggler who rises to the occasion at this pay-per-view prelude. The Showoff will kick off WWE Battleground with a big win over Mr. Money in the Bank. WINNER: Ziggler

Jake Grate: Even with huge title matches and other highly personal collisions on the WWE Battleground card, the Kickoff battle could very well be the contest I’m most looking forward to. A contrast of styles — with Ziggler’s reckless athleticism and Sandow’s cerebral stratagem — guarantees that Sunday gets off to a rousing start. In the end, I’ve got to side with WWE’s robed Renaissance man, who finds a way to outfox The Showoff. WINNER: Sandow

John Clapp: With match-of-the-night potential, don’t be surprised if both Superstars lay it all on the line in an effort to remind WWE powers-that-be of their arguably underutilized talent. Unfortunately for The Intellectual Savior, Ziggler thrives most when he’s out to prove a point. WINNER: Ziggler

Anthony Benigno: A former Mr. Money in the Bank, Ziggler has had his struggles of late, though not so much as the current contract holder, Sandow. With Sandow on the upswing after WWE Main Event, look for “The Duke of Decency” to gut out the win in a Kickoff classic. WINNER: Sandow

Dolph Ziggler: 3, Damien Sandow: 2

Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

Michael Burdick: As good as R-Truth is, there is no denying that Curtis Axel has had a meteoric rise in comparison. That takes true ability. Despite the fact that Paul Heyman has other issues on his mind, certainly being a “Heyman Guy” will provide an edge. Bottom line: Axel will walk into and out of WWE Battleground as the Intercontinental Champion, and that’s the truth. WINNER: Axel

Alex Giannini: R-Truth’s title challengehas come about abruptly, but Curtis Axel’s getting used to such surprises, having downed Kofi Kingston in an impromptu title match on pay-per-view last month. Don’t expect the third-generation Superstar, who’s much more poised than many peers with a comparable level of experience, to be shaken. WINNER: Axel

Jake Grate: On Raw, R-Truth capitalized on CM Punk’s entrance music blaring over the TitanTron to defeat a distracted Axel. At WWE Battleground, it is unlikely The Rapping Superstar will be lucky enough to get that same – or any – diversion. Under Paul Heyman’s watchful eye, the Intercontinental Champion retains to climb ever closer to his father Mr. Perfect’s incredible 400-plus days with the illustrious title. WINNER: Axel

John Clapp: R-Truth has looked positively reenergized recently and though his Raw non-title win over Axel was largely due to CM Punk’s “involvement,” that doesn’t mean he can’t — and won’t — overcome an Intercontinental Champion who seems stuck in neutral. WINNER: R-Truth

Anthony Benigno: A timely distraction doomed the touch-and-go Intercontinental Champion on Raw, yet when his title is on the line, Curtis Axel always finds his inner perfection. WINNER: Axel

Curtis Axel: 4, R-Truth: 1

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

Michael Burdick: WWE.com and E! Online reported that Brie Bella got engaged to Daniel Bryan last Friday. But even though her personal life may be all butterflies and happiness, that doesn’t mean she will claim the butterfly-emblazoned title at WWE Battleground. Divas Champion AJ Lee has been perfect in her recent quest to overcome every one of E!’s “Total Divas” in singles competition. The bride-to-be’s future includes a Black Widow. WINNER: AJ

Alex Giannini: It’s been an emotional week for the “Total Diva,” as Brie Bella accepted Daniel Bryan’s marriage proposal. On the flip side, Divas Champion AJ Lee seems to be married to the idea of dismantling every “Total Diva” in WWE. AJ’s craziness aside, she’s a tough competitor, and a formidable champion. Still, I think a change is in the air. My take? Brie continues to ride the high of her engagement, and kicks off a whole new kind of engagement — a Divas Champion title reign. WINNER: Brie

Jake Grate: Since capturing the Divas Championship at WWE Payback more than three months ago, AJ has been unstoppable in title bouts. Despite Brie’s impressive in-ring evolution in recent months and “Total Divas” momentum, WWE’s resident spider woman finds a way to lock up that excruciating Black Widow submission and retain her title. WINNER: AJ

John Clapp: One can only assume Brie Bella’s headspace is preoccupied with the goings on of her fiancé, especially considering all that transpired on Raw. The Divas Champion, despite her oversized ego, is an immensely savvy competitor, and she’ll find a way to exploit Brie’s distractedness. WINNER: AJ

Anthony Benigno: Pipe bombs aside, as a whole, the “Total Divas” cast has owned AJ Lee in multi-Diva matches. In individual combat? Not so much. The Black Widow wins again. WINNER: AJ

AJ Lee: 4, Brie Bella: 1

CM Punk vs. Ryback

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

Michael Burdick: Last month, the treachery of Ryback allowed Paul Heyman to steal a victory away from CM Punk. Despite the mad scientist’s claim that The Straight Edge Superstar will just get more of the same when he faces “The Big Guy” at WWE Battleground, look for The Second City Saint to find retribution anyway. WINNER: Punk

Alex Giannini: Bullies tend to stop being bullies once they get punched in the face, and at WWE Battleground, I’m predicting that’s exactly what will happen to Ryback when CM Punk cuts loose on “The Big Guy.” Yes, there’s a size advantage for Ryback, and yes, he’ll have the diabolical Paul Heyman slithering around ringside, but in the end, Punk’s simply better in the ring — some might even say he’s The Best. WINNER: Punk

Jake Grate: A little more than a month after his instant classic, career-shortening slugfest with Brock Lesnar, Punk faces another supersized monster. I foresee a similarly destructive collision between The Best in the World and The Human Wrecking Ball. In a true toss-up, Punk wins. The devious, oily Paul Heyman, however, will find a way to swing things in favor of the muscle-bound Superstar who’s the newest apple of his eye. WINNER: Ryback

John Clapp: CM Punk has endured an insane amount of punishment as a result of his war with Paul Heyman. In turn, don’t be surprised if he takes out months’ worth of frustrations against Ryback in a match that will be absolutely out of control. Maybe too out of control. Punk wins the war and makes Ryback pay, but in the process, he loses the battle. WINNER: Ryback

Anthony Benigno: The Second City Saint already toppled Ryback once with Paul Heyman at his side, but with the mad scientist’s allegiances having swung the other way, the end result will flip-flop as well. WINNER: Ryback

Ryback: 3, CM Punk: 2

Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

Michael Burdick: WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns have a proven track record in tag team contests, but Cody Rhodes & Goldust are fighting for more than just a win. The sons of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes crack The Shield and get their jobs back. WINNER: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Alex Giannini: With so much on the line for the Rhodes boys, there’s no doubt Cody & Goldust will pull out all the stops in this match. But Reigns & Rollins are no strangers to big matches, and there’s always the possibility that Dean Ambrose plays a role. Unfortunately, I think the numbers advantage remains with The Shield. WINNERS: Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

Jake Grate: With their jobs hanging in the balance, will Cody & Goldust find the intensity and ferocity to match the vicious Hounds of Justice? I believe in The Shield, but I believe in the family Rhodes even more. WINNERS: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

John Clapp: The world is curious to see how the brothers Rhodes will gel in team action, but the deciding factor could well be the insight of Dusty Rhodes, who oversaw the development of all three Shield members in NXT. WINNERS: Cody Rhodes & Goldust

Anthony Benigno: The Shield has long been the X-factor in the Rhodes men’s struggles with “The Authority,” but with all three “Hounds of Justice” out in the open and no other factors at play, look for Cody & Goldust to take care of bidness and restore their family name. WINNER: Cody Rhodes & Goldust.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust: 4, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns: 1

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam (Battleground Hardcore Rules Match)

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

Michael Burdick: Triple H said it best: the Battleground Hardcore Rules stipulation is right out of the ECW handbook. Even though Del Rio’s ruthlessness is certainly going to make his high-flying opponent suffer, RVD will be the World Heavyweight Champion when the closing bell rings. However, it won’t matter, as Mr. Money in the Bank, Damien Sandow, will cash in his coveted contract to walk out of the pay-per-view with the World Title in hand. WINNER: RVD (REAL WINNER: SANDOW)

Alex Giannini: Thanks to his survivalist instinct, World Champion Alberto Del Rio walked out of Night of Champions with his title reign intact despite losing his match against challenger Rob Van Dam via disqualification. Now, with the added Hardcore Rules stipulation, Del Rio won’t be afforded the same opportunity. This time, he’ll have to beat RVD by pinfall or submission, and he’ll have to do so in RVD’s extreme playground. Sorry, Alberto, it’s just not gonna happen. WINNER: RVD

Jake Grate: If the illustrious World Heavyweight Championship wasn’t motivation enough, RVD and Del Rio’s rivalry has turned extra personal and vicious in recent weeks. Although “Mr. Pay-Per-View” guarantees excitement and innovative offense, the extreme nature of this Battleground Hardcore Rules Match favors the reigning champion, whose intensity and brutality are well-documented. WINNER: Del Rio

John Clapp: On paper, this is Rob Van Dam’s match to lose. But for as much as it is assumed RVD is in the catbird seat, thanks to the Battleground Hardcore Rules, let it not be forgotten that Del Rio can thrive in anything-goes matches. Forget the Van Terminator; ADR gets the win with one of his creative, and weapon- or rope-assisted, variations of the Cross Armbreaker.  WINNER: Del Rio

Anthony Benigno: Alberto Del Rio has survived a lot of unthinkable situations with his World Title intact, but an anything-goes match with an ECW Original? Adios, amigo. WINNER: RVD

Rob Van Dam: 3, Alberto Del Rio: 2

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship Match)

WWE Battleground 2013 predictions

Michael Burdick: Has Randy Orton reconnected with his sadistic side? “YES!” Will that make for a truly intense war against the tenacious Daniel Bryan? “YES!” Will COO Triple H do everything in his power to make sure Bryan doesn’t reign supreme? “YES!” Will “The Beard” rise above anyway to win his third pay-per-view WWE Title match in a row? “YES! YES! YES!” WINNER: Bryan

Alex Giannini: Daniel Bryan may have the wind at his back, but Randy Orton’s got The Game at his. As much as I’d like to see a long, successful, bearded title reign, I simply cannot imagine a world where Triple H and those closest to him don’t win, and it’ll be The Viper over Bryan. WINNER: Randy Orton

Jake Grate: Although Bryan’s win over Orton at Night of Champions was short-lived, that devastating running knee finisher keeps playing in my mind when I think about their WWE Battleground rematch. Even with The Viper rediscovering his sadistic side and having the support of “The  Authority”  firmly in his corner, the bearded wonder finds a way to land that match-changing knee strike again to claim the vacant WWE Title. WINNER: Bryan

John Clapp: Prior to this past Monday’s Raw, momentum seemed to be shifting toward the side of Daniel Bryan, but following The Viper’s brutal assault on “The Beard” and the tasteless remarks he made to his fiancée, Brie Bella, the psychological edge has swung back in Orton’s favor. That will make all the difference heading into WWE Battleground. WINNER: Orton

Anthony Benigno: Can Daniel Bryan win his third WWE Championship in three months? Absolutely. But will Triple H let “The Beard” beat his handpicked standard-bearer for the second pay-per-view running? To quote a certain someone, “no chance in hell.” WINNER: Orton

Randy Orton: 3, Daniel Bryan: 2

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