Charlie Morgan def. Killer Kelly

Killer Kelly delivers a World Cup-caliber kick to Charlie Morgan: NXT U.K. Championship (WWE Network Exclusive)

During a hard-fought matchup, Killer Kelly delivers a vicious kick to one of the best female competitors in the United Kingdom.

England’s Charlie Morgan relied on speed and technique to reign supreme in her WWE Network debut against Portugal’s Killer Kelly, who proved herself to be a dangerous competitor in a Triple Threat Match on Night One.

After an initial stalemate, Kelly’s viciousness took over. She stomped and suplexed Morgan, and nearly made her submit to a back-bending dragon sleeper. Yet, Morgan weathered the storm, and when Killer Kelly went for a German suplex, Morgan reversed it into a tight roll-up to score the pinfall win out of the blue. Kelly may have inflicted more damage, but Morgan knew how to finish the job.

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