Tyler Bate on what makes British wrestling stand out and what the WWE Universe will be surprised to see in the United Kingdom Championship Tournament

Tyler Bate

Even as a 19-year-old, Tyler Bate knows he’s good, and he’s not afraid to tell you about it. The U.K. standout is as well-rounded as they come, able to do a bit of everything at a high rate inside the squared circle. He is known within the British wrestling scene for his partnership with fellow tournament competitor Trent Seven; together, they go by the name Moustache Mountain. What will happen if these two meet in the United Kingdom Championship Tournament? And what are Bate’s primary goals as the WWE Network special draws near? WWE.com caught up with Bate to find out in this revealing interview.

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WWE.COM: Random question to start things off: Is there a story behind the mustache?

TYLER BATE: Not a ridiculous story. I was 16 years old and starting to get facial hair and, at the time, I had peach fuzz and just kind of whatever was happening for a mustache. A friend told me to shave [it into] a mustache, just because it would be funny. So I said, “Okay.” But it was super blonde at the time, so no one could see it. My mum was convinced that it didn’t exist. So I was like, “No, it does exist and I’m going to dye it brown so you can see it!” So I did, and ever since then it stuck, because I liked it and it was weird.

WWE.COM: What was your first reaction when you heard of this tournament?

BATE: I was excited because I was more than confident that I was going to be a part of this tournament. I am, without a doubt, one of the best professional wrestlers in the U.K. right now, so I was excited to have the chance to showcase what I’m capable of in front of such a large audience.

WWE.COM: What makes the British wrestling style stand out from the other various styles that the WWE Universe may be used to?

BATE: The thing that stands out about British wrestling at the moment is that we’re focusing purely on our in-ring athleticism, our professional wrestling — more than showing off to fans and being these larger-than-life personalities.

WWE.COM: What do you bring to the table that the other competitors in this tournament do not?

BATE: The ability to do, quite literally, anything. Whether it be hold-for-hold wrestling, [the] standing [and] striking game, or flipping off the top rope to the outside, I’m physically capable of pretty much anything that anyone else can do — and that’s what I bring to the table.

WWE.COM:  Audiences familiar with you may know you as more of a tag team wrestler, alongside your partner and fellow tournament competitor Trent Seven. What do you think the WWE Universe is in store for when they see you as a singles competitor?

BATE: Well, they’re going to find out that I’m not just a tag team wrestler. I’m not just capable of doing things with a partner. I can quite easily get the job done on my own. It just makes wrestling a lot more fun when you have a friend to share the experiences there with you. 

WWE.COM: There is the chance you may have to face your partner in the tournament. What’s going to happen if it comes down to that?

BATE: We’re mature enough to give each other the mutual respect that each of us deserves, and, whatever happens, may the best man win between me and Trent.

WWE.COM: What do you think the WWE Universe is in for when this tournament begins?

BATE: They’re in for a surprise more than anything, because British wrestling has been overlooked for so many years now. Many fans are going to be really surprised when they see how good British wrestling really is. Not just me, but everybody else that’s in this tournament. They’re extraordinary professional wrestlers and performers.

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