Zack Gibson def. Flash Morgan Webster in the Semifinal Match

Zack Gibson pummels Flash Morgan Webster: 2018 WWE United Kingdom Tournament (WWE Network Exclusive)

Zack Gibson refuses to give Flash Morgan Webster any breathing room in a Semifinal showdown in the WWE U.K. Championship Tournament.

Flash Morgan Webster got off to a fiery start against Zack Gibson, putting the Liverpool loudmouth on his heels with a highlight-reel-worthy hurricanrana. Webster also nailed one suicide dive, but when he tried the move a second time, Gibson caught him and deposited him in the entranceway with a corkscrew brainbuster called Helter Skelter. Webster barely beat the count back into the ring, but upon re-entering, Gibson caught him in the Shankly Gates and forced him to tap. As Royal Albert Hall came unglued with jeers, Gibson blew kisses to the fans, stoking their hostility toward him.

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