The Undertaker reportedly sighted in Saudi Arabia market before WWE Super ShowDown

Rumors swirl after reported Undertaker sightings before WWE Super ShowDown: Exclusive, Feb. 26, 2020

Following reports of The Undertaker's presence in Saudi Arabia, will The Deadman appear at WWE Super ShowDown? If so, what will he do?

Reports have been swirling in advance of WWE Super ShowDown that The Undertaker had been sighted in market in Saudi Arabia.. If true, why is he there?

His rumored presence obviously lends itself to more questions than answers. Undertaker’s in-ring appearances are an increasing rarity, and he is not yet advertised for a match at tomorrow’s show. Depending on how things shake out, we could be seeing a surprise appearance at Super ShowDown. It could, of course, be equally likely that The Deadman won’t be competing and will instead simply add his presence to the festivities. Tomorrow will bring the answers. Until then, we wait.

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