R-Truth & Carmella def. Rusev & Lana

Dance break gets broken by calculated Rusev & Lana assault

There is simply no room for dancing in a high-stakes MMC matchup to see who will secure the final SmackDown LIVE MMC Playoff opportunity. Don't miss WWE Mixed Match Challenge, Tuesdays at 10 ET/7 PT on Facebook Watch.

In a stunning Mixed Match Challenge moment, R-Truth & Carmella snuck into the playoffs after scoring their first victory of the season against the husband/wife team of Rusev & Lana. And in a sad moment for Rusev Day, Rusev and Lana are headed home.

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Match highlights included both teams involving the crowd in a chant-off (What’s Up! vs. Lana Day!), The Bulgarian Brute and The Ravishing Russian gaining an advantage by attacking their opponents during their dance break, Lana getting the upper hand with a vicious assault, Rusev taking out Truth from behind while Lana was trying to tag in and punishing Truth inside and outside the ring, and Truth launching a counterattack when Rusev and Lana were psyching themselves up. Then, in the final moments, Lana attacked Truth, but her onslaught opened the door for Carmella to use the chaos to kick Lana as she was getting back in the ring and get the 1-2-3.

Next week, the MMC Playoffs will see Finn Bálor & Bayley battle Bobby Lashley & Mickie James! 

The winners of Mixed Match Challenge earn an all-expense-paid trip to anywhere in the world and the No. 30 entrees in their Royal Rumble Matches (for a greater chance to headline WrestleMania).

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