205 Live results: March 26, 2021

205 Live

Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari def. The Bollywood Boyz

With Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari reeling from a pair of singles losses one week prior, The Premier Athlete and Daivari Dinero once again joined forces in an attempt to get back into the win column against The Bollywood Boyz, and the strategy paid dividends.

The Bollywood Boyz nearly claimed the victory when Samir clocked Daivari with a reverse elbow to the jaw from the top rope and Sunil also took to the skies to drive his elbow into Daivari’s sternum, but Nese broke up the pinfall in the nick of time.

Moments later, Daivari ducked out of the way of Sunil’s superkick attempt and clobbered his opponent with a Hammerlock Lariat for the win.

August Grey def. Ashante “Thee” Adonis

In a collision of arguably the two most stylish competitors on the purple brand, August Grey and Ashante “Thee” Adonis dazzled the WWE Universe, trading impressive mat-wrestling techniques, holds, haymakers and aerial assaults in a main event that featured a little bit of everything.

Grey appeared to tweak his knee when he landed awkwardly, but he nevertheless dodged a clothesline and leveled Adonis with So Much Prettier for the 1-2-3.

As Grey backed his way up the ramp, he soon realized Daivari was standing right next to him. In a seemingly disingenuous manner, Daivari flashed a smile and held Grey’s arm in the air, but Grey immediately pulled away, shot The Persian Prince a distrustful glare and made his exit as 205 Live concluded.

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