Humberto Carrillo def. Oney Lorcan

Oney Lorcan vs. Humberto Carrillo: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 27, 2019

Oney Lorcan and Humberto Carrillo square off to determine who will challenge WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak at WWE Clash of Champions.

After Oney Lorcan’s team claimed victory in last week’s Captain’s Challenge 10-Man Tag Team Elimination Match with he and Humberto Carrillo as the two remaining members, WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick was faced with two potential challengers for WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak. As a result, Maverick decided Carrillo and Lorcan would face-off to determine Gulak’s challenger for WWE Clash of Champions.

As the match got underway, both Superstars – who last met in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship tournament before WrestleMania 35 – shook hands before battling to an early stalemate with an incredible sequence of pinfall attempts and counters that drew an ovation from the WWE Universe.

Lorcan wisely kept the Mexican Superstar grounded, using his pure power to keep Carrillo on defense. Carrillo finally regained momentum by countering the Half and Half and fending off Lorcan’s attack before turning up the pace of the match with his incredible lucha libre ability. After flattening Lorcan on the outside, Carrillo rolled him up, only to be decimated by a diving uppercut from The Boston Brawler.

However, as Lorcan advanced, Carrillo maintained the pressure, countering an elbow before a rolling moonsault and an incredible handspring Japanese arm drag that nearly secure victory. Lorcan again regained control by countering a moonsault and charged forward, driving his shoulder into his opponent multiple times in the corner. Carrillo turned the tables, and the battle raged to the ring apron as the Mexican Superstar dropped Lorcan with a dropkick before a dive to the outside. As Carrillo prepared for the Aztec Press, Lorcan countered with an uppercut.

Changing up his usual arsenal in an act of desperation, Carrillo executed a powerbomb but was unable to secure victory. Exchanging strikes in the center of the ring, Lorcan took control with a dropkick that drove Carrillo to the outside. Charging after his opponent, Lorcan executed the Half and Half on the outside. Looking to put Carrillo away for good, Lorcan ascended the ropes and dropped down on Carrillo on the outside before tossing him back in the ring.

Ascending the ropes again, Lorcan rolled into Carrillo but was still unable to secure the win. Preparing to execute a Half and Half off the top rope, Lorcan was countered but immediately followed up with an attempted superplex. Carrillo countered again, dropping Lorcan to the mat and executing a twisting splash for the victory.

As Carrillo celebrated his victory, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak appear on the TitanTron with a message of sarcastic congratulations for his former student. Gulak promised to teach Carrillo a new lesson in pain and punishment, reminding everyone that if change is the rule, then Gulak is the law.

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