Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado ended in a double count-out

Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 6, 2019

Lucha traditions take centerstage as The Lucha House Party’s Lince Dorado goes one-on-one with Humberto Carrillo.

Last week on WWE 205 Live, Lince Dorado disagreed with his fellow Lucha House Party member Kalisto about the abilities of one of WWE’s most exciting Superstars, Humberto Carrillo. However, Dorado believed that a match between himself and Carrillo would be “lucha lit,” and as a result, WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick made the match.

Not believing the hype surrounding Carrillo, Lince Dorado methodically approached his opponent, keeping the pace of the match controlled and feeling out Carrillo’s ring presence. The two Superstars exchanged holds before both of them sped up the match, battling to a stalemate resulting in a double dropkick, as each Superstar grabbed the other’s leg to counter a kick and shaking hands.

Carrillo showed incredible resilience throughout the bout and matched his opponent counter-for-counter before turning up his own offense, keeping Dorado reeling with high-speed attacks. Still, The Lucha House Party’s resident hothead kept coming, avoiding being caught in a high-risk move from the top by pushing Carrillo away and leveling his opponent with a crossbody.

Attempting his patented Aztec Press, Carrillo was pushed off the ropes before he and Dorado started brawling from the top rope. Incredibly, Carrillo dropped his opponent off the apron with a dropkick from the top rope. Carrillo followed up with an incredible maneuver but landed back-first on the barricade.

As the official made the 10-count, Carrillo struggled to make it back to the ring. As Humberto climbed atop the ring apron at the count of nine, he was pulled down by Dorado and was unable to make it back into the ring, resulting in a double count-out.

Upset with the result, Carrillo charged across the ring and leveled both Dorado and Gran Metalik on the outside.

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