Humberto Carrillo def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher via disqualification

Humberto Carrillo vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher: WWE 205 Live, April 9, 2019

Gentleman Jack Gallagher aims to teach his new ally Humberto Carrillo a lesson about the effectiveness of ground-based competition, and Drew Gulak grows frustrated with the Mexican Superstar as he continues to rely on his aerial ability.

In a battle with The Lucha House Party two weeks ago on WWE 205 Live, Humberto Carrillo had victory in sight and prepared to execute a high-flying maneuver, drawing the ire of his partner, Drew Gulak. As a result, Kalisto capitalized and pinned Carrillo. After the loss, Gulak asked WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick to make a match between the Mexican Superstar and Gentleman Jack Gallagher so Carrillo can learn about the effectiveness of ground-based offense.

As the match got underway with Gulak on commentary, Gallagher tried to show off his technical acumen, but Carrillo’s speed proved to be an effective equalizer. However, as Carrillo built momentum and ascended to the top rope, he lost his balance, allowing Gallagher to capitalize and take the battle back to the ground.

Gallagher maintained control through impactful strikes and manipulating his opponent’s limbs to keep the fight on the mat. Carrillo struggled to mount an attack, as the British Superstar showed off the full range of his abilities.

However, Carrillo fed off the WWE Universe and reverted to his more natural style of competition, relying on fast-paced and high-flying strikes. The shift in momentum – and Carrillo’s in-ring repertoire drew the ire of Gulak.

After taking down Gallagher following an explosive flurry of offense, Carrillo ascended to the top rope, but Gulak pushed him off, resulting in a disqualification victory for the Mexican high-flyer. Irate with Carrillo’s actions, Gulak began to unload on him and prepared to deliver a final blow, but he was stopped by Gallagher. In a shocking twist, Gallagher took down his ally with a headbutt, leaving Gulak reeling and questioning his allegiances.

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