The Brian Kendrick def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

The Brian Kendrick vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher: WWE 205 Live, Oct. 31. 2018

The Brian Kendrick seeks retribution against his former protégé Gentleman Jack Gallagher after he was attacked by Gallagher and Drew Gulak last month.

Last month, Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher attacked their ally, The Brian Kendrick, believing the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion has lost his edge. The Man With a Plan struck back weeks later, saving his longtime nemesis Akira Tozawa from an assault at the hands of Gulak and Gallagher.

Kendrick stared down his former protégé, and it was evident that there was no love lost between him and Gallagher. As Drew Gulak joined the commentary team, Gallagher slapped Kendrick, resulting in a flurry of strikes between them. As the British Superstar retreated to the outside, Kendrick gave chase. However, before The Man With a Plan could continue to mount his offense, a distraction from Gulak turned the tide in Gallagher’s favor. From there, Gallagher began to unleash the same cruelty that he and Kendrick once took pleasure in dishing out to their opponents.

As Gallagher maintained control, Drew Gulak explained that he did not come between the two Superstars. Instead, The Philadelphia Stretcher explained his frustration that Kendrick did not return from his injuries more aggressive and opined that he saw it as weakness.

With the WWE Universe rallying in his favor, Kendrick taunted Gallagher and took a good amount of punishment before mounting a counterstrike and creating frustration for his opponent. Kendrick trapped his former ally in the Captain’s Hook, but Gallagher regained his composure and applied his own submission hold, but to no avail.

Charging forward, Gallagher missed a running dropkick, allowing Kendrick to deliver a superkick that laid out the British Superstar. Sensing Gallagher’s impending defeat, Gulak moved into position to attack Kendrick but was stopped by Akira Tozawa. As a result, Kendrick executed Sliced Bread No. 2 for the victory.

After the win, Tozawa stood in support of his longtime rival against their common enemies.

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