Noam Dar def. TJP

Noam Dar vs. TJP: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 21, 2018

Noam Dar hopes to settle the score and silence TJP in their hotly-anticipated rubber match, as rapper Wale joins the commentary team.

Last month, Noam Dar made a triumphant return to WWE 205 Live by defeating TJP in record time. However, the two would battle once again, and The Cruisergreat targeted Dar’s injured knee to gain an advantage and score a victory. With victories shared, a rubber match between the Superstars was in order.
Before the match got underway, Grammy-nominated rapper Wale joined Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson on commentary. TJP made his way to the ring, eager to return home to Los Angeles, and chastised his opponent, guaranteeing a second victory and a definitive end to their rivalry.

As the match got underway, TJP was on the defensive before retreating from the ring and grabbing a microphone. The Cruisergreat introduced Wale, but the rapper had previously revealed he didn’t know who TJP was. The Scottish Supernova seized the opportunity to knock down his opponent and take control of the match, much to Wale’s delight.

However, The Cruisergreat began to target Dar’s knee with precision strikes and his impressive technical abilities. The Fil-Am Flash methodically attacked, but Dar regained momentum by nearly sacrificing his knee to block a strike from his opponent. As they battled back and forth, TJP continued to target the knee, but Dar showed off impressive resilience. Battling through pain, The Scottish Supernova executed a series of precision strikes and nearly scored a pinfall.

Unable to secure victory, Dar soon fell victim to TJP’s patented kneebar, narrowly escaping by grabbing the ropes. TJP’s frustration grew, and he prepared to use the ropes as leverage to maximize damage to Dar’s knee. However, The Scottish Supernova countered before taking down TJP with a kick to the knee and executing the NovaRolla for the win.

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