Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy def. Kalisto & Lince Dorado

Kalisto & Lince Dorado vs. Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy: WWE 205 Live, Aug. 7, 2018

The Lucha House Party and Tony Nese & Buddy Murphy take their simmering rivalry to the squared circle, as Kalisto and Lince Dorado battle The Premiere Athlete and The Juggernaut of 205 Live.

Last week on WWE 205 Live, Kalisto and Buddy Murphy battled in a rematch from two weeks prior, which ended in a brawl between The Premier Athlete & Buddy Murphy against The Lucha House Party. Despite Kalisto emerging victorious, that did not stop Murphy from making his way to the ring, only to be fended off by the lucha brothers, leading to this tag team contest.

The Golden Lynx and Murphy kicked off the action with The Juggernaut using his power and Dorado using his speed to counter. Pushed into the corner, Dorado attacked Nese before Murphy delivered a crushing knee strike to take control of the contest. Nese too showcased his power before Dorado could reassert himself, fend off The Premier Athlete and tag in Kalisto.

Again in control, Murphy and Nese methodically unloaded on Kalisto, fending off any counters with their raw power and impressive teamwork. The Juggernaut and Premier Athlete tried to keep Kalisto grounded, but with Dorado, Gran Metalik and the WWE Universe behind him, Kalisto rallied enough to fight off both opponents and nearly make a tag to The Golden Lynx. Nese pulled Dorado off the ring apron, causing Kalisto to miss the tag.

Despite the setback, Kalisto again fought off Nese and Murphy to make the tag to Dorado who unleashed his pent-up aggression on both opponents and scoring multiple near-falls on The Premier Athlete. Even as Nese and Murphy attempted a double-team effort, Dorado countered with a double Golden Rewind, soaring to the outside alongside Kalisto.

As the battle continued, Kalisto and Nese squared off in the center of the ring with victory within Kalisto’s grasp. However, Nese distracted the official, allowing Murphy to trip the former Cruiserweight Champion. As Kalisto focused on Murphy, Nese managed to roll him up and score the victory.

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