Lio Rush def. Colin Delaney

Lio Rush vs. Colin Delaney: WWE 205 Live, July 10, 2018

Lio Rush battles Colin Delaney before a heated exchanged with his new rival, Akira Tozawa.

Showing off his confidence, Lio Rush took his time making his way to the ring as he prepared to battle Colin Delaney. Moments before the action kicked off, Akira Tozawa hit ringside to observe the action.

Enthused by Tozawa’s presence, Rush provided The Stamina Monster with a chair. Tozawa kicked the chair away, and Delaney nearly scored a rollup pinfall after taking his opponent by surprise. However, the uncanny speed and agility of The Man of the Hour changed the contest in the blink of an eye, and Rush unleashed an impressive flurry, stunning Delaney.

After taunting Tozawa on the outside, Rush ascended the ropes and perfectly executed The Final Hour for the victory.

Following the match, Tozawa grabbed a microphone and initially praised Rush. The Japanese Superstar and former WWE Cruiserweight Champion quickly changed his tone, asking what Rush has accomplished and whether The Man of the Hour really wants to fight him. Tozawa taunted Rush, and the two nearly came to blows before WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick made his way into the arena and announced that Rush and Tozawa would battle next week.

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