TJP attacked Lince Dorado and Rich Swann

TJP attacks Rich Swann: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 19. 2017

After pleading for a continuation of their friendly rivalry and being denied by Rich Swann, TJP brutally attacks Lince Dorado and Swann, preventing them from having their match.

Still upset over his loss to Rich Swann in their rubber match last week on WWE 205 Live, TJP pleaded with his friend for another match, which would extend their series. Swann declined, telling The Duke of Dab he valued their friendship and didn’t think it could survive if the friendly rivalry continued. Swann was proud of what they accomplished, but he was ready for them both to move forward.

As Swann entered the ring ready to face Lince Dorado, it was quickly discovered that the lucha libre sensation had been attacked on his way to the ring. Swann left the ring to investigate when he was jumped by TJP on the stage. The Fil-Am Flash unleashed his rage on Swann, leaving no question about the state of their friendship – even ripping out some of Swann’s hair.

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