Cedric Alexander def. The Brian Kendrick via disqualification

Cedric Alexander vs. The Brian Kendrick: WWE 205 Live, Sept. 12, 2017

Gentleman Jack Gallagher shocks the WWE Universe by interrupting Cedric Alexander's battle with The Brian Kendrick and forging an alliance with his former arch nemesis, The Man with a Plan.

Earlier in the evening, while reviewing the outcome of last week’s Six-Man Tag Match with Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander was focused on moving forward when he was confronted by The Brian Kendrick. The Man with a Plan told Alexander he didn’t have what it takes to compete at the highest level in the Cruiserweight division – convinced his bout with Alexander would be easy.

As the match began, Alexander took a moment to listen to the WWE Universe getting behind him before being leveled by a kick from The Man with a Plan. Alexander quickly recovered and used his speed and power to his advantage against the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Kendrick struggled to find an answer for Alexander’s incredible athleticism and ring awareness until he pulled his opponent into the exposed turnbuckle.

Kendrick began stalking Alexander back inside the ring as Gentleman Jack Gallagher’s music suddenly played. The Man with a Plan quickly ran out of the ring to grab the ring bell – the very object he used to decimate Gallagher two weeks ago on WWE 205 Live.

Expecting Gallagher to unload on his nemesis, the WWE Universe was shocked when Gallagher turned and brutally attacked Alexander with William the Third. The British Superstar destroyed the unsuspecting Alexander, adding an exclamation point with a brutal headbutt.

Gallagher then extended his hand to a stunned Kendrick, who accepted the handshake, potentially forging an unexpected alliance and proving Kendrick’s treatment of Gallagher in recent weeks has been effective.

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