The Brian Kendrick gets under Gentleman Jack Gallagher's skin

The Brian Kendrick transforms Gentleman Jack Gallagher into a clown: WWE 205 Live, July 25, 2017

Continuing to show his disdain for Gentleman Jack Gallagher, The Brian Kendrick transforms an image of the British Superstar into a clown before being confronted by Gallagher.

For weeks, The Brian Kendrick has been berating – and even attacking – Gentleman Jack Gallagher. The Man with a Plan believes Gallagher is nothing but a fraud and is insulted by his personality and demeanor inside the ring. Frustrated with the WWE Universe not accepting his beliefs about Gallagher, Kendrick escalated his attacks by transforming an image of the British Superstar into a clown.

The continued insults didn’t sit well with Gallagher, and he made his way into the arena to confront Kendrick. Gallagher addressed how he recently was taking the high road by allowing The Man with a Plan to get his disdain out of his system. However, Gallagher decided that he would instead teach Kendrick a lesson. As Gentleman Jack charged the ring, Kendrick made his escape into the audience.

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