Rich Swann def. Oney Lorcan

Rich Swann vs. Oney Lorcan: WWE 205 Live, April 4, 2017

Oney Lorcan makes his WWE 205 Live debut against Rich Swann. Following the match, Swann reveals a potential bombshell about the gifts being given to Alicia Fox.

Making his debut in the Crusierweight division, NXT Superstar Oney Lorcan wasted little time showing Rich Swann exactly what he is capable of inside the ring. Displaying a formidable combination of speed and power, Lorcan was completely dominant throughout much of the match.

After several near-falls, Swann battled back by unleashing a flurry of strikes and working quickly to keep his tough opponent at bay. As Lorcan ascended to the top rope, Swann executed a perfectly placed superkick followed by a hurricanrana to send the NXT Superstar to the mat. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Swann secured victory with a jaw-dropping Phoenix Splash.

Following the contest, Swann addressed Noam Dar and claimed that he has been the man sending Alicia Fox all the gifts in recent weeks.


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