Will Akira Tozawa snap?

TJ Perkins vs. The Brian Kendrick: Raw, March 20, 2017

The Fil-Am Flash rekindles his rivalry with The Wizard of Odd in Cruiserweight action.

On Raw Monday night, The Brian Kendrick defeated TJ Perkins before inviting his nemesis, Akira Tozawa, to the ring. Kendrick noted that it was a perfect opportunity for The Stamina Monster to attack, but then he revealed that Tozawa wasn’t even at Raw. In fact, Tozawa was unable to travel because of his missing passport – a passport which, of course, was in Kendrick’s possession.

Claiming he found it on the floor, The Man with a Plan no doubt sought to teach Tozawa yet another lesson. As Kendrick continues to taunt and “teach” the Japanese Superstar, one has to wonder if Tozawa will finally snap and unleash his fury on his tormentor. After all, Tozawa has been ready to battle Kendrick for weeks. But are Kendrick’s recent actions all part of a larger scheme?


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