The Miz and Summer Rae host 'Marine 4' screening during WrestleMania Week

The Miz and Summer Rae host 'Marine 4' screening during WrestleMania Week

"The Marine 4: Moving Target" trailer

WWE Superstar Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and Diva Summer Rae will star in "The Marine 4." Preview the fourth installment of this action series.

WWE’s resident A-lister got the movie premiere of his dreams last night when The Miz joined co-star Summer Rae and the WWE Universe for an exclusive screening of “The Marine 4: Moving Target,” just two nights before WrestleMania 31 at Levi’s® Stadium.

The fourth entry in the WWE Studios-shepherded action franchise has seen no shortage of fanfare in advance of its release. Not only has Miz become the only WWE Superstar to reprise the lead in a “Marine” movie – the original starred John Cena and Ted DiBiase handled the sequel before The Awesome One took the reins in the third installment – but it’s also the first WWE Studios picture to feature a Diva in a starring role.

"I was very shocked when I got the call and found out [I had been cast]," said Summer of making her WWE Studios debut during a post-screening Q&A, moderated by Billy Donnelly of This Is Infamous. "I wanted to really do well for WWE Studios so that other women in the company can have the same opportunity."

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Summer’s goal appears to have been reached. Response to ”The Marine 4” was overwhelmingly positive on the part of the WWE Universe, and the production took care to properly portray military-style combat. Armed Forces advisors were on set during filming to make sure the action was true to form. 

"A lot of those guys would go off on their free time to help us out in those fight scenes without getting paid any extra," said Miz. "They just wanted to make sure that we were on point and everything was on point. It was a real collaborative effort to make this movie the best we possibly could."

Photos:  Miz and Summer host "Marine 4" screening

All of this went a long way towards Miz's true goal of honoring the military, despite never having been a soldier himself.

"Those guys are truly the real heroes, in my mind," said Miz during the Q&A. "I just hope and pray that I did them justice and that they like really like it."

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