WrestleMania VII Facts/Stats

WrestleMania VII Facts/Stats

The Ultimate Warrior defeated Randy Savage in a retirement match at WrestleMania VII. Seven months later, the Warrior had left World Wrestling Entertainment, and Savage had been reinstated. And one year later - at WrestleMania VIII - Savage regained the WWE Championship.

Shawn Michaels competed in the opening match of WrestleMania VII - the first of three consecutive WrestleManias at which the Heartbreak Kid competed first.

WrestleMania VII marked the final WrestleMania appearance of Andre the Giant.

WrestleMania VII was originally planned to take place at the L.A. Coliseum, which holds over 100,000 people. But due to security concerns related to the Gulf War, the event was moved to the L.A. Arena.

Ted DiBiase and Virgil battled for the first time at WrestleManai VII.

Country star Willie Nelson sang "American the Beautiful" at WrestleMania VII.

After the Nasty Boys won the World Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania VII, they partied all night with Willie Nelson. When they showed up the next day at a live event, they only had one title belt with them, because they had given the other one to Nelson as a souvenir.

The British Bulldog competed at seven WrestleMania events, but WrestleMania VII was the only time he ever wrestled in a singles match. He took on the Warlord.

Jake Roberts and The Model competed in a Blindfold Match at WrestleMania VII, in which both men's sight was completely blurred by a black cloak.

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