WrestleMania V celebrities

WrestleMania V celebrities

Donald Trump
The Donald, owner of the Trump Plaza hotel and casino, was the gracious host of the event. Donald Trump is the billionaire and real estate tycoon who hosted WrestleMania V at his own Trump Plaza hotel and casino. He is now most widely known for his television show, The Apprentice.

Run-DMC performed the WrestleMania rap, a song they created specifically for the event. Run-DMC is one of the most influential groups in rap music history. They were the first rap group to win a Grammy Award. 

Morton Downey Jr. 
Downey was the special guest for Piper's Pit. At the time Morton Downey, Jr. was the host of one of the most popular and controversial TV talk show, The Morton Downey, Jr. Show. He was known for blowing smoke from his cigarette into people's faces and engaging in shouting matches with his guests and the audience. Downey may have been a bit overbearing, but Hot Rod knew how to put him in his place.

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