WWE debuts "Road to WrestleMania" on GetGlue

WWE debuts "Road to WrestleMania" on GetGlue

The WWE Universe can now ride the Road to WrestleMania on the No. 1 social entertainment check-in website, GetGlue!

It's simple. Just use GetGlue's app for iPhone, iPad or Android, or login to GetGlue.com to check-in while watching WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown or WWE pay-per-view events to earn collectible stickers featuring your favorite WWE Superstars.

Here's how to get your WWE stickers on GetGlue:

1) Download the GetGlue smartphone app for iPhone/Android, for iPad/iPod Touch, or login to GetGlue.com.

2) Login to GetGlue using your e-mail address, or your Facebook or Twitter login.

3) Search for the show you want to check-in for. (example: "WWE Royal Rumble" this Sunday, or "WWE Raw" on Monday).

4) Click the green "Check In" button on the show's page while watching the show to earn your collectable Superstar sticker!

After a GetGlue user collects 20 stickers, they can be printed out and delivered to them for free. You can also share these earned stickers with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. In addition to the Superstar stickers, GetGlue users can also earn "Superfan" stickers for multiple check-ins during Raw and SmackDown, featuring a collection of WWE championship titles.

GetGlue is a recognized leader in social television and second screen applications. GetGlue has more than 2 million users that checked-in over 100 million times in 2011. 75 major TV networks and 10 movie studios use GetGlue to promote their shows and movies to fans.

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