Should kissing be banned in WWE?

Should kissing be banned in WWE?

It’s springtime, and love is in the air all across WWE. Well, at least it seemed that way this time last week. As every member of the WWE Universe is well aware, though, things around these parts tend to change in a heartbeat. ( WWE'S POWER COUPLES GALLERY)

Or, in the case of former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, in 18 seconds.

At WrestleMania, Bryan was defeated by The Great White Sheamus in one of the shortest championship bouts in WWE history. After the opening bell, Bryan took a moment to steal a "good luck" kiss from his girlfriend, AJ. However, while the submission specialist was busy locking lips, his opponent was standing on the other side of the squared circle, licking his chops to get a piece of championship gold. ( PHOTOS)

Seconds later, Bryan found himself kissing the sole of Sheamus’ shoe, as when he turned around, he met the full force of the Brogue Kick from the Irish challenger. The boot leveled the champion, setting up the quickest World Heavyweight Title change in WrestleMania history.

The scenario calls to mind an old boxing adage, immortalized in the 1976 film, Rocky. In the movie, Mickey Goldmill, the salty old boxing coach who proved to be an invaluable resource to Rocky Balboa, emphatically proclaimed that: "Women weaken legs!"

And if you ask Daniel Bryan, or, come to think of it, Zack Ryder, about their feelings on the matter after what transpired on The Grandest Stage of Them All, chances are they’ll agree. Ryder’s seemingly golden opportunity to seal a win for Team Teddy was shattered by the malicious meddling of his "friend" Eve, ruing Long Island Iced-Z's chances for a WrestleMania Moment. ( PHOTOS)

Eve’s crushing blow to Ryder was all the more shocking after the events of the March 5 episode of Raw, when Eve shared what seemed like a special moment with Zack, kissing the stunned Superstar backstage and leading Long Island Iced-Z to believe that he and his on-again, off-again Diva crush was back on. ( WATCH)

Raw: Eve kisses a stunned Zack Ryder

Raw: Eve kisses a stunned Zack Ryder

The list of squared circle kissing instances may be as long as Big Show's fluffy bath robe, but the results of the World Heavyweight Championship bout and the Team Teddy fiasco at WrestleMania will have earth-shattering effects on the WWE. The chaos that has resulted from what was once a simple symbol of love now begs the question: Should there be a moratorium on kissing in WWE?

Maybe. But, before WWE kisses off this issue, it is worth mentioning that Rocky also rose above the odds in his movies, time and time again, because he had Adrian cheering him on. So, is a kiss really to blame? Or should Daniel Bryan have been less focused on AJ and more focused on The Celtic Warrior standing ready for battle not ten feet away?

Eve’s interference was overt, while AJ’s was less so. Still, in both instances at WrestleMania, it can be argued that it was, in fact, beauties that killed the beasts.

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