WrestleMania XXVI results

WrestleMania XXVI results

Full WrestleMania XXVI results

Yoshi Tatsu wins 26-Man Battle Royal
On The Grandest Stage of Them All, the captivated WWE Universe was driven to their feet before the sound of "The Star Spangled Banner" filled the University of Phoenix Stadium. In an action-packed, 26-Man WrestleMania Battle Royal, Yoshi Tatsu stunned the capacity crowd, emerging from the fire as the last Superstar standing. Full results 

Show-Miz def. John Morrison & R-Truth
Despite John Morrison & R-Truth getting the best of Big Show & The Miz in recent weeks, at WrestleMania XXVI, they weren't able to keep that momentum as Show-Miz picked up a huge win to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships. Full results

Randy Orton def. Ted DiBiase
Overcoming the odds, the teacher outclassed his former students as Randy Orton defeated Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes in a Triple Threat Match at The Showcase of the Immortals. On the biggest night of the year, Orton punted Rhodes in the head and evened the score with DiBiase with an RKO, leading to The Viper's victory. Full results

Jack Swagger wins Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Jack Swagger is known throughout the WWE Universe for his incredible amateur wrestling background. But at WrestleMania XXVI it was "The All-American American's" willingness to take risks and put his body on the line that brought him victory in the first-ever 10-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match and the contract for a guaranteed World Title Match that comes with it. Full results

Triple H def. Sheamus
It has been said, "If you come at the king, you best not miss." 

Sheamus would have been wise to heed these words before he stepped in the ring with Triple H on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Despite a frenzied effort, the Irish Superstar failed in his quest to dethrone The King of Kings, falling to The Game at WrestleMania after a Pedigree in the center of the ring. Full results

Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk
At WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio reigned supreme over CM Punk, defending his family's honor while saving himself from a forced induction into The Straight Edge Society. Full results

Bret "Hit Man" Hart def. Mr. McMahon
Simple albeit prolonged chain reaction: Vince screwed Bret in 1997; Vince screwed Vince weeks ago on Raw; and at WrestleMania XXVI, Bret finally screwed Vince with excellent execution, as The "Hit Man" cemented this Show of Shows as perhaps the best there ever will be.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho def. Edge
Veteran ring skills (55 titles combined). The will to win. Bitter anger.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho and Edge brought everything to their very personal war in front of over 72,000 members of the WWE Universe inside the University of Phoenix Stadium. And finally -- after weeks of hostile posturing -- it was Jericho who reigned supreme and walked away with his World Title. Full results

Vickie Guerrero's team wins 10-Diva Tag Match
Whoever coined the term "when pigs fly" never saw Vickie Guerrero in action.

In the closing moments of the 10-Divas Tag Team Match at WrestleMania, the Official SmackDown Consultant slowly scaled the ropes and then launched herself onto a prone Kelly Kelly, crushing the blonde beauty and picking up the win for her team on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Full results

John Cena def. Batista (New WWE Champion)
He was one competitor from victory at 2005's Royal Rumble -- but Batista upended him. He was one second from basking in glory at 2008's SummerSlam -- but Batista refused to quit. He prevailed over five others to capture the WWE Title at this year's Elimination Chamber -- but Batista came and fought it away. Full results

Undertaker def. Shawn Michaels
One could argue that it wasn't Shawn Michaels who lost on The Grandest Stage of Them All Sunday night. Yes, Michaels fell in defeat to The Phenom, who extended his unbeaten WrestleMania streak to an unprecedented 18-0. However, by ending The Showstopper's illustrious career, The Deadman effectively provided the WWE Universe with perhaps its greatest collective loss in WWE history: the end of an icon's ring career. Full results

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