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Watch the WrestleMania pre-show

Watch the WrestleMania pre-show

You're just hours away from the biggest sports-entertainment spectacle of the year, so face it: unless you're on your way to Detroit's Ford Field with a golden ticket in your hand, you won't dare leave your house, the TV or your computer. Just do the smart thing and stay up to date with the most recent WrestleMania 23 info available, directly from the source, courtesy WWE.com and AT & T / WWE Mobile phones.

Starting early this afternoon, WWE announcer Josh Mathews and lovely Raw Diva Maria will personally keep you up to date hourly about all things WrestleMania 23. You'll get all the backstories building up to this Showcase of the Immortals, plus all the last-minute details that go into what promises to be a night no WWE fan will ever forget. If you can't make it out to Detroit with 70,000 of our closest friends, let WWE.com help you become part of the excitement, the energy, the emotion, just as it happens.

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