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Hardcore Induction

Hardcore Induction

For nearly four decades, The Original Sheik brought an unmatched and previously unseen brand of aggression to the world of sports-entertainment. With his trademark steel spike and ball of fire, the bloodthirsty wildman paved the way for the hardcore style of wrestling that would eventually change the face of the industry. On Saturday night, The Sheik will be honored for his contributions to the sport when his nephew Sabu inducts his late uncle into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Following his in-ring career, The Sheik's contributions to wrestling continued. The former 12-time NWA United States Champion also played a role in training the Superstars of the future, including his nephew and current ECW Superstars Sabu and Rob Van Dam.

Find out how you can watch the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in it's entirety.  

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