Kenny Dykstra, all grown up

Kenny Dykstra, all grown up

With WrestleMania being "All Grown Up," has spoken to several WWE Superstars who have also grown up and have come a long way since the days before their WWE careers. Take a look back at an adolescent Kenny Dykstra.

Long before he came to Raw, Kenny Dykstra's first match was Hulk Hogan vs. Bam Bam Bigelow…and it took place on his bedroom floor.

Prior to his WWE career, the young Raw competitor was a young WWE fan toting wrestling action figures -- the first two being Hogan and Bigelow -- and supporting the biggest heroes in the industry. From his days as a Hulkamaniac to proudly posing outside the doors of the Lex Express, the only Superstar Dykstra supports today is the one he comes face-to-face with in the mirror every morning.

"Lex never won the WWE Championship which I'm still happy about because he wasn't the best," reflected the smug Raw Superstar. "I went from WWE fan to WWE Superstar because I knew it was something I could do and be the best at. [In WWE], there's nobody that's half as good as Kenny Dykstra."

Much like many other WWE fans across the globe, in his earliest adolescent years, he always idolized sports-entertainment's greatest icons. If Dykstra wasn't dragging his older brother and sister to WWE events, he was staging wrestling super cards with mini plastic replicas of the titans he watched on television.

"I always collected the figures," he said. "In the mornings before school, I'd lay one next to the other and have a whole show laid out for when I came back later in the afternoon."

Years after he posed like Hogan or stood in front of a red, white and blue tour bus, Dykstra no longer supports who he called the "good guys." In more ways than one, the Kenny Dykstra who once imitated his favorite WWE Superstars is a much different individual today.

"As you can tell in my pictures, I wasn't working out then," said the brash Dykstra of his flexing photos. "On second thought, even in my pre-workout days, I wasn't too bad. I was jacked for nine years-old."

"Hulking-up" for the camera years ago was just the beginning for Dykstra, who had a very hefty goal of one day reaching the pinnacle of sports-entertainment and seizing its top prize. But according to the 21-year-old who once believed that "the best wrestler was always on top," his ideals have changed in light of his talents being "overlooked" in WWE.

A full-fledged competitor on the Raw roster for more than a year, the prideful Superstar is no longer the smiling young kid with an aspiration. He is a self-important, zealous competitor with an attitude to match.

"I wasn't intent on bringing anything to WWE," he revealed. "I was trying to take something; I was trying to take the WWE Championship. I have yet to get my WWE title opportunity, but when I do, I will be the youngest WWE Champion in history."

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