No "Weasel-ing" out for Heenan

No "Weasel-ing" out for Heenan

The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2007 will be inducted the night before WrestleMania 23 at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. Currently, eight legends have been called to the Hall, and the final member of the Class of 2007 will be announced Monday night on Raw.

This year, is proud to exclusively announce the chosen ones who will induct the Class of 2007 into the Hall of Fame. A new name will be announced every day between now and Thursday, March 29.

Nick Bockwinkel was arguably the AWA's most successful Superstar not named Verne Gagne. In the 1970s and 80s, Bockwinkel had a stranglehold on the AWA World Championship that was nearly unbreakable. But as dominant as he was, there was always brains behind his brawn. Actually, in Bockwinkel's case, it was "The Brain," as Bobby Heenan, his manager and the man who will induct him into the Hall of Fame.

"What can I say that hasn't already been said?" Heenan quizzed "He was a great guy and he was great in the ring. He was a great second-generation star and he's deserving of being in the Hall. Plus, he never did drugs or went to jail, so he couldn't be a star in the NBA or NFL, could he?" he added with a laugh.

Heenan, a WWE Hall of Famer himself, managed several fellow Hall of Famers during his career, and Bockwinkel will just be the latest name added to that list. This will be Heenan's fourth consecutive year of involvement with the Hall of Fame ceremony, as after his own 2004 induction, he sent former protégés Paul Orndorff (2005) and the Blackjacks (2006) into the Hall.

"This is my third time inducting someone, and I told them to keep me here until I do it right," Heenan joked. "Third time's the charm, right?"

Heenan has long been known as one of the funniest men in sports-entertainment, and it's sure to be a riot any time he has a live microphone. See what he has to say on March 31 when he sends Nick Bockwinkel into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The WWE 2007 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will air on USA Network at midnight/11 CT.

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