WrestleMania X Facts/Stats

WrestleMania X Facts/Stats

WrestleMania X featured two defenses of the WWE Championship. Yokozuna successfully defended his title against Lex Luger in the first defense, but lost the title to Bret Hart in his second defense.

Both WWE Championship matches at WrestleMania X featured guest referees. Mr. Perfect officiated the first bout, while Roddy Piper served as referee for the second.

WrestleMania X was the first WrestleMania not to feature Hulk Hogan.

Leilani Kai competed for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania X - her first WrestleMania since she competed for that same title in the same building at the first WrestleMania.

Bret Hart wrestled in the first and last match at WrestleMania X. He was pinned by his brother Owen in the opening match, and he defeated Yokozuna to become WWE Champion in the final match.

WrestleMania X featured a unique mixed tag match, as Bam Bam Bigelow teamed with a woman - Luna Vachon - to take on Doink and a midget - Dink!

Tickets sold out so quickly for WrestleMania X at Madison Square Garden that the show was also shown at the Paramount Theater adjacent to MSG on closed-circuit television.

After taking several months off from the broadcast booth, Jerry "The King" Lawler returned to World Wrestling Entertainment at WrestleMania X to provide color commentary.

WrestleMania X featured the now-legendary Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon.

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