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The Rock vs. the British Bulldog vs. Big Show vs. Mankind vs. Kane vs.Triple H in a Six Pack Challenge for the vacant WWE Championship

With the WWE Championship recently vacated by Mr. McMahon, six of WWE's premier Superstars faced off in the first-ever Six Pack Challenge for the gold at Unforgiven. The match was officiated by special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin, as there was referee strike going on at the time. The Rock, the British Bulldog, Big Show, Mankind, Kane and Triple H were pitted against each other, but after 20 grueling minutes, it was The Game who pinned The Rock to win the match and the WWE Championship.

It was the second reign as WWE Champion for Triple H who had lost the gold to Mr. McMahon just 10 days prior in a match that had the Chairman's son Shane as a special guest referee.

"After getting screwed out of the title, this proved it wasn't a one-time thing," Triple H said about the win. "I was at the top to stay."

The match began with The Rock and the British Bulldog in the ring with the four other competitors in each of the four corners waiting for their chance. Austin joined JR and Jerry "The King" Lawler at the announce table, since referee Jim Korderas had crossed the picket line to judge the match. Before long, the Bulldog tagged in Triple H and Kane whacked the Rock on the head to tag himself into the action.

After several changes in the in-ring line-up, Triple H knocked Mankind out of the ring, and the two battled their way up the ramp. The Rock ran up the ramp to clothesline The Game and was quickly followed by the other opponents. A melee then ensued with all the Superstars going at it.

The competitors fought their way back into the ring, but they were followed by the picketing referees, who were upset that Korderas was officiating the match.

After many back and forths, Big Show finally cleared the ring. He then chokeslammed Mankind and covered his victim, but right as Korderas was about to count to three, he was yanked from the ring by the picketing referees (who began beating him).

Stone Cold ran over and beat the striking refs off. He then hopped in the ring to count as The Rock covered Big Show, but The Rock could only get a two count. On a second pin attempt, the other opponents pulled Austin from the ring before he could count to three.

While Austin was out of the ring, the British Bulldog hit The Rock over the head with a chair. He then wound up for another swing, but Austin jumped back up and grabbed the chair from him while Triple H gave The Rock a Pedigree. The Game covered and Austin counted to three, making Triple H the new WWE Champion.

When Austin went to hand the champ his gold, Triple H ripped it from his hands, raised it above his head and started gloating. Austin responded with a Stunner that left Triple H motionless on the mat. The Unforgiven crowd went wild and Stone Cold enjoyed a few beers as only he could.

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