Returning Road Dogg reflects on WWE's Tribute to the Troops

Returning Road Dogg reflects on WWE's Tribute to the Troops

Former WWE Superstar, former United States Marine and WWE road producer Road Dogg was on hand for WWE’s Tribute to the Troops, reflecting on what the event means and how it’s a homecoming for him.

 “This year’s Tribute to the Troops was especially important to me, because not only do I have an opportunity to be back here with WWE, which feels like home, but here we are on a global scale saying ‘thank you’ to the troops. I felt like I was home there, too,” he explained to

embedcolon25049090After a nearly 11-year absence from WWE, Road Dogg made his on-air return to present CM Punk with the Pipebomb of the Year Award at the 2011 Slammy Awards. The WWE Universe was surprised and thrilled to see “the D-O-Double G.” His signature line, “Oh, you didn’t know?” even trended on Twitter. (PHOTOS)

A day later, Road Dogg was behind-the-scenes at Tribute to the Troops, taking in the size and scope of the enormous event. He looked out at the massive set and cheering crowd as WWE saluted those who serve in our Armed Services. Emanating from Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Tribute to the Troops featured gripping in-ring action, major celebrity appearances and rousing musical performances in honor of America’s bravest men and women. Mary J. Blige, Nickelback and George Wallace performed for the passionate and patriotic audience. (PHOTOS)

Road Dogg contemplated his own time serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1987-1993 and how the entertainment for the troops back then was a little more modest. “I remember Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Some country music acts would come; they were special to us at the time, but now I stand behind-the-scenes at WWE’s Tribute to the Troops. We never had a spectacle like that. It was a special night. We never had anything of that magnitude. That’s for sure,” he smiled. (PHOTOS)embedcolon25049412

Road Dogg looks back proudly on his military career, not just how he served and helped his country, but how his service helped him. He credits the Marine Corps with giving him the mindset, skill set and work ethic he would need to make it in the ring and in life.

“Probably the proudest time in my life is my military service,” he said. “I was young and I joined. I knew I wanted to be a Superstar, but my father was a Marine, so I thought I’d follow in his footsteps. I really did well in my Marine Corps career. I did spend some time in [Operation] Desert Storm.”

embedcolon25049379After finishing his stellar military career, Road Dogg turned his attention to the squared circle, debuting in WWE in 1994. Of course, he went on to great success in WWE, becoming the Hardcore Champion, Intercontinental Champion and five-time World Tag Team Champion as half of The New Age Outlaws.

Now retired from competition, the multi-time champion is back with WWE, helping young talent and grooming the next generation of Superstars. He has a desire to continue to be involved in sports-entertainment.  “I feel I still have something to offer to the industry,” he explained.

After giving so much to both his country and the WWE Universe, Road Dogg is happy to have a job he loves in the country he loves. WWE’s most patriotic show of the year was a great opportunity for the former Marine and Superstar to reflect and be thankful for his unique journey. Road Dogg concluded, “The troops have a special place in my heart. And WWE has a special place in my heart.”

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