Brie, Bryan, J.J. and Josie arrive at John and Nikki's house: Total Bellas, Oct. 5, 2016

The family moves in to Nikki and John's home to help her with her recovery.

So, to begin: Nikki Bella’s injured, John Cena’s injured, Daniel Bryan’s retired, Kathy Colace (aka Mama Bella) is engaged to John Laurinaitis himself, and Nikki, as we mentioned, is injured. We mention it twice because the nature of her injury — and the career-threatening surgery she undergoes to repair it — necessitates that The Fearless One’s entire extended family — Brie Bella, Bryan, and brother J.J. — moves into Nikki and Cena’s mansion to act as some combination of moral support and caretaker team in the series premiere of E!’s Total Bellas. Unfortunately, bringing a family of wildly differing personalities under the singular, iron-fisted rule of the Cenation leader leads, predictably, to some conflict …

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