Cena vs. Lashley: Championship credentials

Cena vs. Lashley: Championship credentials

The match has been signed: It's John Cena versus Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash. But as this pair of current and former champions prepares to face each other for the first time one-on-one, a glance at their respective histories is in order to see who might have the edge.

While both are impressive physically and utilize a wide array of tactics in the ring to beat opponents of all sizes, a look at their time as champions reveals a lot about what each man is made of mentally.

Regaining the WWE Championship in September 2006, John Cena has held the title for 24 of the past 27 months. A three-time WWE Champion, three-time United States Champion and former World Tag Team Champion, Cena has successfully defended his championship against opponents of all sizes. 

Cena's faced two champions at the same time (World Heavyweight Champion King Booker and ECW World Champion Big Show at Cyber Sunday 2006), and also defended his gold from super heavyweights such as the current Intercontinental Champion Umaga and the Indian colossus, The Great Khali.

While former two-time ECW World Champion and United States Champion Bobby Lashley beat the 500-pound Big Show in the Elimination Chamber to win his first ECW World Title at last year's December to Dismember, he's had his hands full dealing with the mind games and Machiavellian machinations of the WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon.

McMahon used his son, Shane, and the Samoan beast Umaga to snatch away the ECW World Title from Lashley in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match in April. It was seen as a form of revenge for the Chairman, who had his head shaved bald by Lashley at WrestleMania 23, after McMahon lost to Donald Trump in the Battle of the Billionaires. 

Lashley had to beat the Chairman twice at consecutive events (Judgment Day, One Night Stand) to regain the ECW World Title, only to be stripped of the championship days later by McMahon when he was drafted to Raw.

While Lashley might be one of the strongest men ever to hold a world championship, The Champ might have the largest amount of heart and determination a WWE Champion has ever embodied.

Both men have the skills. Both men have the championship pedigree. Looking at these comparisons, it's a virtual coin toss between Cena and Lashley as to who'll be victorious at The Great American Bash.

And our fans agree -- with more than a half-million votes in our WWE.com poll, it's a dead heat between the pair, with Lashley holding less than a percentage-point edge over The Champ at the time of publication. That's why WWE settles things in the ring.

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